On July 4th 1774, the declaration of independance was signed in America. This made history and is celebrated each year by Americans. On July 4th 2016, Ashley and I started seeing each other. This made my own history and will be celebrated each year by us. We have had so many adventures in this past … Continue reading 4TH OF JULY


And so here we are at the midway point of 2017. The year is flying by and so did June... FLIGHTS AND COUNTRIES Zero, haven't left Cyprus. BEST MOMENTS A lovely date night where we went to find a shipwreck, had a lovely meal and chatted the night away. Quality pool time with Ash. Finally getting … Continue reading PIECES OF JUNE


Whereas the Bermuda Triangle has a reputation for disappearing ships, Cyprus could easily get a reputation for abandoned ships. There are so many shipwrecks off the Cyprus coast that have become stuck and left abandoned. They've become a part of the scenery and somewhat of a lesser known tourist attraction. The first shipwreck I learnt … Continue reading SHIPWRECKS