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A complete guide to Singapore

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Singapore, the Island city-state in Southern Malaysia, is super popular with tourists due to its…
Sony A7III camera

Should you Still Buy the Sony A7III camera in 2022?

The A7III was released in 2018, and I’ve used it since. With the release of the Sony A7IV, hobbyists worldwide are starting to wonder if the A7III is still a good camera.

Considering how long I’ve been using it, I have some opinions.

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We listed the itineraries from our past road trips, which include all the amazing places and fascinating detours on our route!

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The Caribbean
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Travel essentials, gear reviews & recommendations

Pictures are worth a thousand words, which is why we believe that the best souvenirs you can bring home from your adventures abroad are photographs.

Nowadays, everybody has a decent camera on their smartphone, but if you really want great image quality, you’re going to have to invest in something better.

You might want to travel light, which means you can’t bring different cameras or many lenses, so you have to be smart in choosing the best camera, lens, and travel accessories. They have to be compact and serve many goals!

Over the years, our backpack and camera gear have evolved. We reviewed most of them – all listed in our gear review section.

Everything You Need to Know before Traveling With a Drone

Drone photography - Defense fort

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