Reussenstein Castle

Reussenstein Castle, medieval ruins overlooking Baden-Württemberg

On the flanks around Neidlingen, lie the medieval ruins of Reussenstein Castle. In this article, you’ll learn more about its legend, history, and how to get there.

About Reussenstein Castle

What once was an important medieval fortress which kept watch over the only pass into the Swabian Alb, are now just ruins located at the top of the Neidlingen in Baden-Württemberg. Today the Reussenstein Castle is a popular destination for climbers and hikers, making it one of the most visited castles in the Alb. 

Built in 1270 and named after its first inhabitant knight Diethoh of Kirchheim-Stein, the castle stayed in the Kirchheim-Stein family until 1371, after which the castle passed through 11 different owners until it became uninhabited in 1550 and fell into disrepair.

Throughout ‘65–’66 the castle was restored by the district of Nürtingen, and since December 2012 it was declared to be a monument. Nowadays, the ruins of the castle offer a great view over the valley, which is accompanied by another landmark: Neidlinger waterfall, which is a 5-minute hike from the castle. 

The Legend around Reussenstein Castle

According to poet Wilhelm Hauff, who lived in the neighborhood in the 19th century, the castle has its own legend, which provides an insight into the construction of the castle.

This legend states that the construction workers received help from a giant who lived in a cave on the opposite side of the valley, and in order for the giant to arrive at the building site, he only had to cross the valley with one large step. However, on a certain day, the giant stumbled after which his foot got stuck in the marshy valley. When the giant finally managed to break his foot free, a spring arose from the spot where his foot stood, which created the nearby Lindach river.

Later, when the construction workers were finishing the castle, none of the craftsmen dared to hammer in this final nail because of the height. Only one craftsman was brave enough to try, so the giant held him to the window over the abyss, until he had finished the work. Afterwards, the craftsman was rewarded with riches and married the master builder’s daughter.

Visit Reussenstein Castle in 2021

Reaching Reussenstein Castle isn’t a difficult task: less than 300 meters from the ruins, you’ll find a parking lot, with a hiking trail that leads you to the castle. 

How to reach Reussenstein Castle

When asked about how Patrick Dreizler found out about this spot, he had to laugh: “The castle is visible for miles, from every different direction around it. It’s located 30 minutes from my home, so there was no chance I wouldn’t go for a hike to explore this historical castle!

By now, I’ve visited the ruins of Reussenstein Castle a few times, and my tip for photographing the castle would be to visit it when the weather conditions are bad. Not only will this create a mythical and moody atmosphere, but this will also probably be the only time you won’t have people running into your shots!

However: If you prefer to visit it when it’s sunny, you best go in the early morning. That way you can catch the sunrise as well!”

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About Patrick Dreizler

Patrick Dreizler is an amateur photographer from Stuttgart, who likes to spend his free time hiking through nature, with the motto: “The best camera you can have is the one you have with you”.

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