Württemberg Mausoleum

Württemberg Mausoleum’ stunning view over Stuttgarts skyline

The historic catacombs of the Württemberg Mausoleum offer a stunning view over Stuttgart’s skyline, so we decided to dive into its history and how to get there.

About Württemberg Mausoleum

The Württemberg Mausoleum is a funeral chapel located on the top of the Württemberg hill in Stuttgart on the former site of Fort Wirtemberg.

The Mausoleum was designed by Giovanni Salucci for William I of Württemberg – the king of the Württemberg area from 1816 to 1864 – and houses the remains of William I, his wife Catherine, and their daughter Maria Friederike Charlotte.

Between 1825 and 1899 the Württemberg mausoleum was used as a Russian Orthodox Church and is still used to this day for a Russian Orthodox service every Pentecost.

Visiting Württemberg Mausoleum in 2021

Up to this day, the catacomb on the Württemberg attracts around 40,000 people, making it one of the most popular excursion destinations in the Stuttgart region. With its location above the vineyards of the Neckar valley, the grave chapel attracts many people who’d like to enjoy the chapel and its amazing view over Stuttgart’s skyline.

According to Patrick Dreizler, who has visited the Württemberg hill many times, the view over the city is really astonishing by night: “From the top of the mountain, you’ll be able to see Stuttgart’s soccer stadium (VfB Stuttgart) in the middle of the city, as well as the Mercedes Benz Museum and the old town of Stuttgart. You might even be able to spot the colorfully illuminated Ferris wheel.

About the shot

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  • Shutter speed: 1/800
  • Aperture: f/2.8
  • ISO: 100


About Patrick Dreizler

Patrick Dreizler is an amateur photographer from Stuttgart, who likes to spend his free time hiking through nature, with the motto: “The best camera you can have is the one you have with you”.

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