Lake Misurina
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Lake Misurina, possessing the purest air in the world

Lake Misurina – known for its special microclimate – is an amazing place to hike around. Here is everything about its history, legends, and how to reach it.

About Lake Misurina

The lake of Misurina is the largest natural lake in the Cadore area and is located at the bottom of the Cadini di Misurina mountain group. 

The surroundings of the lake and its particular climatic characteristics, ensure that a special microclimate prevails, making it a particular destination for those who have respiratory diseases. That’s why the lake houses the only center in Italy for the care of childhood asthma (“Pio XII Institute”).

Another aspect for which Lake Misurina is more known is because this is the location where the last Olympic speed skating events on natural ice were held, during the 1956 Winter Olympics games.

The legend of Lake Misurina

According to the legend – and made popular by the song “Sabato pomeriggio” by Claudio Baglioni – Misurina was a rebellious girl who literally lived in the palm of her gigantic father: King Sorapiss.

During one of his adventures, King Sorapiss wanted to obtain the magic mirror from the Queen of Monte Cristallo, but failed and transformed into a mountain due to a curse. During his transformation, the king saw his daughter fall and his tears flowed like rivers … creating Lake Misurina, where his daughter will forever with this magic mirror.

About the Cadini Di Misurina mountain group

The Cadini di Misurina mountain group is a small group of spectacular mountains in the Dolomites, located just across the famous Tre Cime di Lavaredo, overlooking Lake Misurina.

Visiting Lake Misurina in 2021

Reaching Lake Misurina isn’t a difficult task, as it is located near a very popular Ski resort (Cortina d’Ampezzo) and is even accessible by public transit.

How to reach Lake Misurina

When we asked Sandra Kaminski about the area and her hike, she told us they had some luck with the weather: “We decided to visit the lake in the early morning during autumn, and as you can see on some of the shots: our efforts got rewarded, because there was an incredible but thick fog, which created a mysterious atmosphere over the lake. 

After spending an amazing morning at the lake, we decided to hike the surrounding mountain range: Cadini di Misurina. Climbing this cadini-group was amazing, and resulted in a few amazing views but unfortunately, we had to abort our hike 100 meters before reaching the peak: the weather was changing very fast – in a bad way – so we had to start our descent. 

On the way back, we noticed this small cabin at the side of the lake and observed how the fog was rolling over the mountain tops. I quickly added my ND filter to my camera and captured these views as well. 

For people who’d like to have a relaxing hike: the lake is the perfect place to be. It’s an easy hike, offers amazing viewpoints, and offers different opportunities to take a small rest. If you’re a more experienced hiker, definitely try to reach the top of the famous Tre Cime di Lavaredo.  

We’re definitely going back to reach the top, and this time I’ll bring my drone with me!”

About the shot

Landscape photography might seem like black magic for some of our adventurous readers and aspiring photographers, that’s why we decided to break down the technical details behind Sandra’s shots. 



  • Shutter speed: 1/200
  • ISO: 125
  • Aperture: f/9

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