What you need to know about visiting Iceland

“Iceland is known as being a beautiful country with striking landscapes, astonishing waterfalls and erupting volcanoes.  However, to plan a flawless trip through Iceland you’ll need to know more than just the year when the Eyjafjallajökull erupted, or which TV Shows were shot on its coasts.”

About Iceland

What might surprise you the most about Iceland, is the fact that the weather is rather mild.  The temperatures in winter to hover around the freezing point, while they often reach 20 degrees Celsius in summer!

Rental Cars

The most important tip we can give when you’re picking a rental car: make sure it’s big enough! Just because the car can contain four people doesn't necessarily mean all your suitcases fit in the trunk!

Warm Clothing

 The best thing you could do is to pack the right clothes so you can tackle every activity and discover Iceland while being safe and comfortable.

Camera Gear

Iceland is known as one of the most popular destinations for photographers because of its amazing views. Naturally, you’ll want to have your camera close when you make the trip to visit these striking landscapes, astonishing waterfalls and erupting volcanoes.