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Landscape Photography

Every experienced photographer will agree with us when we say that planning and preparation are the key to amazing landscape photography. This is one of the main reasons why we listed 5 apps that we consider to be a must-have for every photographer that’s planning to shoot landscapes, timelapses, sunrises and sunsets.

The best apps for landscape photography listed

We listed the best apps for landscape photography below.


The PhotoPills app provides plenty of useful information based on your location such as an exposure calculator, but it also displays the location and position of the Galactic Center, calculates the timelapse of the sun, and so much more. 

This makes it easier to plan your shot since you can exactly calculate the place of the sun and how it will impact your shot.  

PhotoPills is a complete app with a lot of options, making it a bit overwhelming for first time users. 

Magic Hour

The Magic Hour application is a very simple countdown app, which counts down to the next Sunset or Sunrise based on your location. The most interesting part of the app is the fact that it also displays the exact time this “Magic Hour” lasts, giving you an idea how much time you have to nail the perfect sunset or sunrise shot. 

The Weather Channel/AccuWeather

Weather apps are always useful to check the forecast, so you can plan your shots depending on what atmosphere or weather we want to portray in our photos. It’s also very helpful to check the types of clouds we’re expecting in the near future, since clouds play a very important role in colors, composition and atmosphere in landscape photography or timelapse-videos.


The AirMap is an essential tool for drone photography since it helps us to find out restricted flight zones. This allows us to fly our drones more carefully by being able to identify zones where we can and can’t use a drone. 

This makes it a great tool for travelers who aren’t up-to-date with the local flying restrictions and no-fly -zones such as airports, parks, and military compounds that are mentioned in the app with an indication of how much distance you must keep. 

Google Maps

Normally, we advise photographers to do an actual technical visit at the location they like to shoot, so they don’t stumble upon physical or virtual roadblocks. However, for travelers who are on the move, this might not be possible. 

The next best thing is visiting the location in Google Maps, and discovering the landscape with the Street View function. We highly recommend pre-planning your shots this way, so you save a lot of time on site and already create a solid idea of the result you’d like to have. 

To help you even more, here are some questions you’d like to have answered beforehand;

  • When is the perfect lighting?
  • Is it a high traffic location?
  • What composition would you like to have?

One last tip .. 

Remember that situations for a perfect shot (light, weather, etc.) can change within seconds, so we highly recommend pre-planning your trip with these 5 apps to take advantage of every second you have!

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