Blue Lagoon is one of the spots most strongly associated with Iceland and it is the most visited attraction in the country with over a million visitors each year. If you even Google, ‘Iceland’, you will be flooded with images of the blue geothermal hot spring. Whilst there are many amazing places in Iceland, we just couldn’t miss the main attraction.


Blue Lagoon is incredibly picturesque with it’s blue waters, lava rocks and pretty bridges making it the perfect place to relax and grab some photo opportunities. The temperature of the water is a welcomed and comforting change from the cold air of Iceland’s Winter… and definitely needed after the run from the exit to the water!!


Blue Lagoon is the ultimate relaxation spot! Not only can you warm yourself up in the inviting waters, you can enjoy them whilst sipping a drink with a free silica mud mask on your face. Afterwards, you can visit the sauna, the steam room and the massaging waterfall… or if you fancy paying extra, you can also book an in water massage as well as a few other in water treatments. As this was a trip we had waited for for so long, I decided to splurge and looked into booking us a massage. They could only offer us massages an hour apart which I thought was pretty pointless and decided against it. I’m quite glad I didn’t splurge in the end as the ‘in water massage’ was on a floating mat so you were actually out of the water… which was pretty cold!


We spent a good two hours at Blue Lagoon, bobbing around, relaxing and people watching. We had a lovely two hours but it would be difficult to spend longer there as there isn’t a great deal to do. It’s a beautiful location but it’s hyped up for tourists. It’s very expensive for what it is and the main attraction is the novelty aspect of it. Now I’ve been, I doubt I would return as there are plenty of cheaper and free hot springs dotted around Iceland.


We left Blue Lagoon feeling relaxed and had a lovely day. It’s worth the splurge to visit once in your life as it is stunning and peaceful (even with lots of people there) but I believe it’s a one time only attraction, once you’ve done it, you’ve been there, done that and bought the t-shirt.

This blog post is not sponsored or endorsed in any way. All opinions are my own and just that: opinions.



  1. Abbey says:

    The Blue Lagoon is very high up on my Iceland bucket list! It’s really handy to read this and get the insider info, I think I’ll be avoiding the water massage as well to be honest, brrrrr! Glad that the warm temperatures of the water were worth it after the dash in the cold!!

    Abbey ❄️

    Liked by 1 person

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