This week has been an absolute nightmare. It’s already the end of the season so we’re exhausted and fed up but we’ve just had more crap shovelled on us as the week as progressed. Nothing has gone our way work wise and we thought at least our day off would go as planned. How wrong could we be?

After needing a car for our day off all season and not having access to one, typically for our last day off, we had a car and by that point, everything we wanted to do, we had already figured out using public transport. Not wanting to waste it though, we planned our day around a nice lunch out, a drive up to the retail park to use vouchers we have been earning throughout the season and finishing off with a nice afternoon at Turtle Bay.
The day started incredibly early for our day off with Ash popping to reception to collect some flowers he had ordered for me. Only they hadn’t arrived so he woke up early for no reason. Once we’d got ready, we drove down towards Los Cristianos for our lunch but there was absolutely nowhere to park and we had to drive most of the way home to park and then walk back. The lunch was absolutely delicious but the day just went downhill from there.
We drove all the way to the shop to first be pulled over by the police and the car searched for drugs and secondly to find the shop closed for the day. We decided to drive to the other shop… Which was also closed. Giving up, we decided to head straight to the beach, only I’d forgotten my GoPro and I would have kicked myself if we had a turtle encounter and had not been able to document it. So back home we went to fetch it! Finally, arrived at the beach to find the tide was in. Decided to head to another beach only to have to park miles away but we finally made it. We sunbathed and read and then decided to take a dip in the sea. The waves were huge that day so I just paddled on the edge but a kid got swept back in by a wave and smacked right into my legs bruising them. Then Ash decided he could take on the waves, only they were too big and wiped his legs out from underneath him, dragging him across the sand giving him a grazed bum.
Safe to say, it wasn’t our day. Somehow, even after an awful weekend of work and then our day off not going as planned, we still managed to see the light and enjoy the day. It’s all about the company you keep rather than what you’re doing. Thankfully, we’re both heading home next week which will give us a well needed break from work and the chance to see our families. Then the week after, I’m heading over to Belfast for a visit and for that week, we can just relax with each other instead of running around work.
The last day off, didn’t run smoothly but we’ve had many incredible days off this season and can’t complain. Tenerife, you’ve been great but it’s time to go home.

All opinions are my own and just that: opinions.

This blog post was not sponsored or endorsed in any way.

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