Being nearly halfway through season 2, I thought it was time to round up the first season and call that chapter a day. You’ve already heard two of the crazy things that happened from last summer but there are a lot of little things that happen in resort that you never expect to encounter or deal with when you take on this job. These are their stories…

Entering the hotel one morning, we were informed of a guest in hospital. Usually when guests are in hospital they have had an accident and broken something or have an ongoing illness which has flaired up, you know, something believable. However, this girl has thrown herself out of the window in the middle of the night. During a panic attack, the girl decided she needed air and rather than opening a window or a door, she decided to smash head first through the hotel room window and passed out. She was found dangling out of the window by security, with cuts all over her body and immediately sent to hospital.

One day, we had a very distraught lady come to our desk with her young son telling us about her ex-boyfriend, the child’s father, about how he was abusive and she had a restraining order against him. On holiday, people tell you their life stories so although you think why the hell are you tell me this, you’re used to people telling you too much information about themselves. However, on this occasion, the story had a purpose… The ex had arrived at the hotel. Why on earth he thought that was a good idea I’ll never know but we had to contact the police back in the UK and get them to email a copy of the restraining order across as evidence before evicting him from the hotel.

An absolutely lovely family who we had seen a lot throughout their holiday suddenly had a strange experience one afternoon. The husband went crazy, hallucinated, jumped around the hotel room pretending he was a monkey, continually hit his wife and if it wasn’t for my  colleague catching the wheelchair at the last second, he would have pushed his disabled son into the pool. After being admitted to hospital, turns out he had a severe case of dehydration and was back to his normal self the next day.

The hotel I worked in last summer unfortunately had no air conditioning in the majority of rooms and we spent hours each day dealing with complaints. One woman took it to the extreme and informed me that if I didn’t provide her with air conditioning she would punch me in the face. With that I refused my rep service to which she complained that she had paid for my service so I gave her 2€ to cover the £1 cost of the rep service she paid for and told her I would no longer be dealing with her. I’m not gonna put up with shit like that.

One evening, we were called back to the hotel once we had gone home because unfortunately, a gentleman had a heart attack at the bar and sadly passed away. Horrifically, the next morning we had a queue of people waiting to make complaints because they happened to witness the death. I’m sorry but we cannot control the laws of nature and what’s gonna happen to someone. Absolutely disgusting that in the event of this, people could only think about themselves and try and get something out of it. We basically told people in the politest way possible that they did not have a valid complaint, we would not be progressing their complaint any further and it was highly disrespectful towards the gentleman and his family. 

Last summer’s hotel was a massive exception. It was like Blackpool abroad where all the scum of the Earth went on holiday and was absolutely crazy. I experienced everything I could possibly experience in that first summer, it was hectic but it prepared me for absolutely everything and I wouldn’t be the rep I am today without those manic experiences of last summer. Not every hotel is that crazy but even now, I still deal with a lot of bizarre things.

All opinions are my own and just that: opinions.


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