If you have ever seen the television series Benidorm, you will know it is great for its comedy value and far-fetched storylines. Some of the things you witness in the programme are so incredibly unrealistic that it is the bizarre factor which hooks you to the show. These things don’t happen in real life, these situations would never occur on holiday. Would they? My first season as a rep was like its own series of Benidorm. Although the storylines in the show are fictional, believe me, similar things actually happened during my time in the hotel. I met people who reminded me of the characters and unbelievable situations did occur. For legality and confidentiality reasons, I probably should not share these stories with you whilst I am still with the company. However, all for a few interesting blog posts, I am going to share with you some of the bizarre things that happened during season 1.



A guest arrived at the hotel claiming he had lost his friend at the airport. At a guess, this gentleman was in his 50’s, had already been drinking, had a unique personality and did not smell like a bed of roses, to put it politely. Apparently, the men got off the plane together and for some reason separated in the airport, not finding each other again so one hopped on the coach and came to the hotel without him. We contacted our airport team who had not encountered anyone on their end who was missing/ had lost their friend so it was just a waiting game to see if he turned up. The man who arrived waited at the bar and returned every half an hour to query his friend’s whereabouts, each time approaching us slightly more intoxicated.

Eventually, the other gentleman arrived… 8 hours after the first! The drunk brought the new arrival to meet us and show us he was found. He was odder than the first man and when we asked where he had been for the past 8 hours, he informed us he was just chilling in the airport. Random. The pair proceeded to approach our desk on a regular basis, having weird conversations with us and a bit drunker every time. So on day one, we knew they were an interesting pair.

On the second day, we arrived at the hotel to be told the guests had been incredibly drunk and disruptive the previous night, had to be escorted back to their room and received a warning. On the third day of their stay, we arrived at the hotel to learn about an incredibly interesting evening at the hotel the night before. Once again, the men drank too much, became disruptive and were escorted back to their room. However, this night, one of the gentlemen decided he didn’t want to stay in his room and decided to leave it with his trousers down, walking up and down the corridors with his penis flapping about. When other guests tried to get him back to his room, he lay down in the middle of the floor, still naked from the waist down and started threatening people. He even went as far to tell children he was going to stab them!

Needless to say, he had his all inclusive drinking privileges revoked and received a final warning. We did not see the pair for the rest of the week.



I hope you enjoyed the first edition of Story Time. You encounter some interesting situations whilst repping and I have plenty more to tell. Stay tuned for more Rep Life: Story Time.

*All opinions are my own and just that: opinions.

*This blog post is not sponsored or endorsed in any way.

*For legal and confidential reasons, the identity and details will always be kept private in these stories.

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