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The 9 Best Places to Eat in Manchester, United Kingdom

Manchester has a rich history and a diverse culture, and its impact on British cuisine cannot be understated. The city has been an important center of commerce and industry since the Industrial Revolution, leading to a culinary heritage that is both traditional and innovative. From classic British dishes to international flavors, there are plenty of places to eat in Manchester that cater to every taste.

One of the most notable contributions that Manchester has made to British cuisine is the ‘Manchester Tart’, a dessert that is a delicious blend of jam, custard, and coconut, and it has been a popular treat in the region for over a century. Manchester is also famous for its pies, and you can find a variety of savory and sweet pies in many of the city’s cafes and restaurants.

For foodies visiting Manchester, there are plenty of places to eat that offer a taste of the city’s culinary heritage. One popular spot is the Corn Exchange, a beautifully restored Victorian building home to various restaurants and bars. The Corn Exchange offers everything from Spanish tapas to Japanese ramen, making it a great place to explore different cuisines.

Another great place to eat in Manchester is the Northern Quarter, a trendy neighborhood with a vibrant food and drink scene. Here, you’ll find a variety of independent cafes, bars, and restaurants that offer a range of culinary experiences. For example, Federal Cafe & Bar is a popular spot for brunch, while Rudy’s Neapolitan Pizza is known for its delicious pizzas made in a traditional wood-fired oven.

Finally, no foodie guide to Manchester would be complete without mentioning the city’s famous curry mile. Located on Wilmslow Road in the Rusholme area, the curry mile is home to over 70 restaurants serving a range of Indian and Pakistani dishes. This is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to explore the diverse flavors of Manchester.

The food scene in Manchester, United Kingdom

The food scene in Manchester is dynamic and diverse, with a wide range of culinary options to choose from. Whether you’re in the mood for classic British dishes or international flavors, there are plenty of places to eat in Manchester that cater to every taste.

One of the best places to eat in Manchester is the Northern Quarter, a trendy neighborhood home to various independent cafes, bars, and restaurants. Here, you’ll find everything from artisanal coffee shops to vegan-friendly eateries and many gastropubs serving delicious British pub grub.

If you’re in the mood for something a little more upscale, Manchester has a thriving fine dining scene that rivals any other city in the country. Some of the top restaurants in Manchester include The French, a Michelin-starred restaurant that offers a modern take on classic French cuisine, and Adam Reid at The Midland, which serves up innovative British dishes using locally-sourced ingredients.

For a more casual dining experience, Manchester is also home to a number of street food markets and pop-up events. The Manchester Street Food Market is a popular destination for foodies, with vendors serving up everything from wood-fired pizza to Korean fried chicken. Other great places to check out include GRUB, which hosts weekly street food events, and the Levy Market, a monthly street food market in the Levenshulme neighborhood.

9 Places to eat in Manchester

Manchester is a vibrant city with a wide variety of restaurants to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or a fine dining experience, this post will provide you with some of the best places to eat in Manchester.

Altrincham Market

Altrincham Market, also known as Alty Market, in Manchester is a popular destination for foodies, setting the standard for trendy markets across the country. Nick and Jenny Thomson had the foresight to revamp the market, which has spilled out from the original listed building and now occupies the New Market Square as well. While some stalls change occasionally, many popular stalls like Great North Pie Company, Little Window, Lovingly Artisan, and Reserve for wines have become mainstays.

The interior of Altrincham Market offers a lively atmosphere with an outdoor terrace and an indoor market. Visitors can enjoy a range of local food traders, including coffees, pizzas, traditional brunch dishes, burgers, donuts, burritos, and tacos. The market’s sister site, Mackie Mayor, offers a similar experience.

Altrincham Market is a must-visit for those looking for places to eat in Manchester. The market’s trendy atmosphere, fantastic food traders, and outdoor terrace make it a popular destination for locals and tourists. Whether visitors are looking for old favorites or new discoveries, there is something for everyone at this iconic Manchester market.


Bundobust, a legendary Gujarati street food restaurant, has brought its brewery to Manchester’s Oxford Road in 2021, offering its full menu of delicious mobile meals. They have honed their craft with a unique array of food, from mung chatpata and bhajis to burgers and dhals, making it perfect for on-the-go meals. The brewery also offers nibbles like far far and spicy nuts and a range of craft beers brewed on-site, with an adjoining 150-seat taproom that is perfect for those who want to take their time and enjoy the experience.

The interior of Bundobust is casual, with a laid-back atmosphere that matches its street food vibe. It’s perfect for those who want to grab a quick bite or have a relaxed meal with friends. The taproom has a larger space and can accommodate up to 150 people, making it an ideal group spot.

Places to eat in Manchester - Bundobust

If you’re looking for places to eat in Manchester, Bundobust is a great option. They have a fantastic reputation for street food and craft beers, making it a must-visit for foodies. Their full menu available on-the-go is perfect for those who want a quick bite, while their taproom is perfect for those who want to take their time and enjoy the experience.


Mana is an avant-garde British fine dining restaurant that earned a Michelin star in 2019, the first for Manchester since 1977. The restaurant uses under-celebrated British ingredients and produces to craft thoughtful dishes that often feature surprising elements like reindeer moss and nixtamalized corn broth. While not everyone may appreciate the innovative menu, Mana’s ability to make unusual ingredients taste delicious makes it a must-try for foodies looking for something new.

The restaurant’s sleek and serious interior provides the perfect backdrop for its boundary-pushing cuisine. Guests can enjoy watching the chefs work their magic in the open kitchen, where dishes are crafted with meticulous attention to detail. However, as Mana is reservation only and books out months in advance, guests will need to plan ahead to experience this unique culinary experience.

Despite the challenging and unconventional menu, Mana is a highly sought-after destination for foodies looking for something different. The restaurant’s dedication to using underutilized British ingredients and producing imaginative, unexpected dishes has earned it a well-deserved place in the ranks of Manchester’s best places to eat.

The Bull & Bear

The Bull & Bear serves elevated pub grub under the direction of Tom Kerridge, the famous chef behind the two-Michelin-starred The Hand and Flowers. The restaurant features numerous flatscreen TVs playing football games around the clock, but the food is the show’s real star. Must-try dishes include the mussels in a rich marinière sauce and the crispy pig’s head with a delicious celeriac remoulade.

The interior of The Bull & Bear is casual and relaxed, with a focus on comfort and quality. The restaurant has a lively, bustling atmosphere, with a large bar area and ample seating. The decor is simple and classic, with dark wood accents and subtle lighting creating a cozy ambiance.

The Bull & Bear menu features a range of delicious dishes, including classic pub fare and elevated creations from Kerridge’s talented team. The B&B Full English is a popular option for breakfast, while lunch and dinner favorites include the mussels, crispy pig’s head, and hearty burgers. If you’re looking for an excellent meal and a casual atmosphere, The Bull & Bear is a must-visit destination for places to eat in Manchester.


Dishoom is a popular Irani café in Manchester, drawing in crowds with its homey dishes and eclectic 1920s decor. Housed in the Grade II-listed Manchester Hall, this eatery offers traditional Indian dishes and street food inspired by the old Irani cafés of Mumbai. With its blend of humble and spicy flavors, the food is the epitome of comfort cuisine.

The interior of Dishoom is a nod to the past, with vintage features and a stylish Art Deco vibe. From the restored wood-panelled bar to the intricate tiling, every inch of the space is designed to transport diners to another era. The drinks menu is equally impressive, featuring original takes on classic cocktails that perfectly complement the bold flavors of the food.

Whether you’re in the mood for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Dishoom is a must-visit spot for foodies looking for a taste of Mumbai in Manchester. The warm, welcoming atmosphere and delicious food make it one of the top places to eat in Manchester.


Hispi is a neighborhood bistro in Didsbury, Manchester, which offers both original and a la carte menu options. It is a reliable and confident spot for special occasions, with its classic cooking making it a popular choice for locals.

The restaurant boasts a laid-back and relaxing atmosphere, with a simple but stylish interior design that features exposed brick walls, a wooden bar, and hanging light bulbs. This adds to the place’s charm and makes it an ideal venue for an enjoyable evening out with friends and family.

The menu at Hispi is original and is designed to cater to a variety of tastes. You can enjoy delicious meals such as confit duck leg, grilled plaice, and white chocolate mousse with cherries. If you want a reliable and memorable dining experience, Hispi is a great place to try in Manchester.

Erst wine bar

Erst is a stylish natural wine bar and restaurant with big flavors on its menu. Its open-flame grill serves seasonally varying dishes such as flame-grilled pork collar and confit squash with curds and crunchy seeds. The restaurant’s meticulously curated space features a look straight out of a magazine.

Erst’s open-flame grill is at the heart of the restaurant’s kitchen, which offers dishes that vary according to the season. Guests can indulge in flame-grilled pork collar with rosemary and plum or confit squash with curds and crunchy seeds. The staff is knowledgeable about natural wines and is happy to recommend a bottle for guests to enjoy as they settle in for the evening.

For those looking for a chic and delicious place to eat in Manchester, Erst is a great choice. The space is beautifully designed and features a meticulously curated natural wine selection. The food is full of flavor, and the open-flame grill offers a unique touch to the dining experience.

Refuge by Volta

The Refuge by Volta is a popular restaurant in Manchester that opened in 2016, headed by Luke Cowdrey and Justin Crawford, two DJs turned restaurateurs. Located inside the Palace Hotel, the space is beautifully designed and features a 139-cover restaurant, private dining room, winter garden, and granite bar serving craft ales and drinks selected by Volta.

The interior design of The Refuge is a blend of modern and original features, with a winter garden housed in a glass atrium, 1920s-inspired light shades, an industrial bar, and stylized chairs. The atmosphere is relaxed and laid-back, with no-nonsense small plates from around the world, inspired by Japanese and Mediterranean cuisine.

For a unique and trendy place to eat in Manchester, The Refuge by Volta is definitely worth a visit. With a wide range of drink options and an eclectic collection of small plates, The Refuge is the perfect spot to relax and enjoy some good food and drinks.


Hawksmoor, Manchester’s most beloved steakhouse, serves proper British steak that is packed with flavor. They exclusively serve British-bred, grass-fed beef, making their meals luxurious and guaranteed to please. While it is expensive, it is worth it for anyone looking for a high-quality meal. Guests can enjoy a delicious array of cocktails to accompany their meals and side dishes like the recommended mash and the Rolo-style Ambassador pudding.

The interior of Hawksmoor is elegant, with a classic British style that sets the tone for a sophisticated meal. It has a warm, inviting atmosphere that’s perfect for a special occasion or a fancy night out.

For those looking for places to eat in Manchester, Hawksmoor is a must-visit. Their delicious steaks, luxurious cuts, and cocktails make it a great destination for foodies. The elegant interior is perfect for a special occasion or a fancy night out, and the Rolo-style Ambassador pudding is not to be missed.

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