When my friend invited me to join her for a weekend in Newcastle to celebrate her 21st, I imagined this great post I would write about the nightlife of the city. Living only a 40 minute drive away, I am no stranger to Newcastle but I have never had a night out there before. Unfortunately, this post will be cut a bit short as I can’t remember most of it… oops!

Eight thespians in three cars journeyed the motorway to get to the city. Our car was the one headed to Newcastle train station to pick up the ninth member of the party travelling from Liverpool. Let me just say, parking at Newcastle station is not easy. After following the parking sign, we found ourselves on a one-way street with barriers into a LONG STAY car park which cost £25 a ticket to exit! After about 20 minutes of laughing at ourselves, debating what to do, questioning an unhelpful taxi driver, we were finally rescued by a man who told us if we drive through the exit within 10 minutes there is no charge and we can find the short stay on the opposite side of the station. Phew!

Once the parking situation was resolved and we found the weary traveller, we headed to our accommodation. The birthday girl had booked it after searching for the cheapest place to stay in Newcastle and no one else had bothered to investigate. We stayed at Express Rooms which is a hostel just outside of the city centre. First of all, we had no idea what to expect as signposts for the hostel read CARE HOME and when we arrived everyone else complained about the accommodation. Old-fashioned, smashed tiles in the bathroom and dust in places but for me, it wasn’t bad, I’ve stayed in worse. It was a place to sleep and at least the beds were comfy. I assured everyone we wouldn’t care when we were drunk.

We got into Newcastle fairly early and just chilled for a while, listening to music and chatting before we headed out to pick up takeaway food and alcohol for pre-drinks. I opted for a Chinese with the spiciest salt and chilli chips I have ever had in my life and focused on downing the vodka to save me money once we were out. Classy! Girls then did what we girls do and spent hours getting ready and pre-drinking before ordering taxis into the city. I was already pretty drunk…

2015-12-21 12.07.06

We started at Revolution which is a bar I have eaten in a few times on past work trips and has food to die for. The cocktail list did not let me down with some delicious creations. Tingle All The Way was a fabulous festive creation and Cherry Woo Woo was fairly decent. I’m a 5 year old at heart with  a sweet tooth for anything bubblegum flavoured and therefore adored their Bubblegum Sour. Spot on. We also ended up in Flares which is a retro bar playing 70’s, 80’s and 90’s music making it the ultimate cheesy night out. Then to be honest, the two other bars, I couldn’t really tell too much about because I only remember snippets. On arriving back to the hostel I was confused to the number of entry stamps on my hands thinking we had only been into two bars… alas I was wrong. And drunk.

2016-01-04 23.59.40

After throwing on our pjs, giggle fits, forty minutes attempting to order pizza and finally abandoning it, we settled for a few hours sleep. Not the most comfortable I’ve ever had with three of us in the double bed. The hostel includes breakfast which not a single one of us rose for and instead we headed to McDonald’s on the way home. Later that night, the majority of us attended a dance rehearsal incredibly tired and hungover. Yay!

Although I unfortunately cannot give a detailed account due to my drunken lack of memory, every single one of us had a terrific night out and the parts I can remember were pretty awesome. If nothing else, I would highly recommend Revolution for it’s fabulous cocktails. Next time I go to Newcastle, I’ll make sure to stay sober… mostly…


*All opinions are my own and just that: opinions*
**Featured image supplied by Revolution Newcastle**


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