A week ago today marked the end of my first summer season and my flight back home to England. I have had the most incredible seven months of my life. I have had the opportunity to explore new places, have new experiences, grow and heal, open my eyes to the world and meet new people some who will be lifelong friends. I never in a million years thought that I would ever have this opportunity, spend my summer the way I did or be where I am now. An amazing summer which I will give a lot of thought and gratitude to in a future post.


This first week has been great, I’ve had plenty of time to sleep and relax plus spent time with the majority of my nearest and dearest. There has been lunches, shopping, nights out and chill days. I went back to my drama group which was like returning home to a family in itself having been a part of it for 17 years, plus it was nice to get my dancing shoes back on. My bedroom has been redecorated marking a new start due to returning to live with my parents. The weather is miserable, freezing and typically British; two days in and I developed a cold. I’m a lover of a good bath and after seven months without, it is amazing to relax and soak in the tub with a good book. I have been showered with an incredible amount of cuddles and the odd lick from my gorgeous puppies. Lots of gossiping with my closest girlies. The comfort of a home cooked meal… and an oven to use!! It’s a novelty not being constantly sweaty and needing to shower three times a day. I asked for one of my old jobs back but unfortunately, they have just taken on a lot of staff and my other old job is an absolute last resort if I’m desperate because I can’t stand the place so a bit of job searching has occurred.

That is pretty much the summary of my first week back in England. Despite the miserable weather and needing a job, it’s been pretty decent, I can’t complain. However, it is a weird experience returning home after time away. I spent the entire summer looking forward to returning home and although it has been amazing catching up with family and friends, my feet are itchy. The travel bug has bit well and truly. I love England and I love my home yet I have constantly been reading travel blogs, flicking through magazines, scrolling through Instagram and planning trips. I have also been a little wanderlust but this experience has strengthened it and I have been poisoned by the desire to explore the world.

I find out my summer placement at the beginning of December but for the next few months, I will be blogging England… and hopefully if I’m lucky, a few European city breaks. I have friends scattered across the country so I aim to explore as many places in my home country as money and time off (if I find a job) will allow.

Any recommendations of where I should visit in the UK?


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