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The 9 Best Places to Eat in Bristol, United Kingdom

Bristol, located in the southwest of England, has a rich history that has significantly impacted British cuisine. As a major port city, Bristol was an important hub for trade and immigration, which brought a diverse range of ingredients and culinary influences to the region. One of the most famous examples is the Bristol Channel oyster, a popular delicacy in the 19th century and served in high-end restaurants across the country.

In addition to seafood, Bristol has a long history of brewing and distilling, which has led to a thriving craft beer and spirits scene in the city. One of Bristol’s most famous products is the eponymous Bristol Cream sherry, which was first produced by Harvey’s of Bristol in the late 1800s. Today, the city is home to a number of independent breweries and distilleries, including the popular Moor Beer Company and the Bristol Distilling Co.

For foodies, there are many places to eat in Bristol, from street food markets to Michelin-starred restaurants. One of the most popular destinations is St. Nicholas Market, which has been a hub of food and drinks in the city since the 18th century. The market is home to various vendors, including fresh produce, baked goods, and international street food. For a more upscale dining experience, Michelin-starred restaurant Casamia is a must-visit, offering an innovative tasting menu showcasing the best local and seasonal ingredients.

The food scene in Bristol

The food scene in Bristol is vibrant, diverse, and ever-evolving, with a wide range of options to suit all tastes and budgets. One of the most exciting aspects of the food scene in Bristol is the city’s thriving street food culture, which has led to the creation of a number of innovative and exciting vendors. One of the best places to experience this is at St. Nicholas Market, which has become a hub of street food and local produce in the heart of the city.

For those looking for a more upscale dining experience, Bristol has no shortage of excellent restaurants to choose from. One of the most popular destinations is Wilson’s, a Michelin Bib Gourmand-awarded restaurant that offers a seasonal and locally sourced menu. The menu changes frequently, but dishes include seared scallops with cauliflower puree, black truffle, beef rump with bone marrow, and wild garlic.

In addition to traditional British cuisine, Bristol offers a range of international flavors, with restaurants offering everything from authentic Italian pizza to Korean barbecue. Some other places to eat in Bristol that are worth checking out include the quirky vegetarian café Beets n Roots, the creative small plates at Birch, and the traditional Spanish tapas at Pata Negra. With such a diverse and exciting food scene, it’s no wonder that Bristol has become a must-visit destination for foodies from all over the world.

9 Places to eat in Bristol, United Kingdom

Bristol is a vibrant city with a wide variety of delicious restaurants to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or a fine dining experience, this post will provide you with some of the best places to eat in Bristol.


Wilson’s in Redland, Bristol, has quickly become an essential spot for anyone looking for places to eat in Bristol. The restaurant’s cozy space and limited menu might not appeal to everyone, but it has won over some of the UK’s most discerning food critics. Tom Parker Bowles called it his best lunch of 2018, while Tim Hayward named it his best meal of the year. Even CNN recognized Wilson’s as one of the 20 most underrated restaurants in the world.

Run by partners Ruth Wilson and Jan Ostle, Wilson’s is a small and intimate restaurant with low lighting, candles, and tables set close together. Ostle, who has worked at some of the UK’s most prestigious kitchens, produces a weekly seasonal menu. The food is down-to-earth, but it’s far from basic. The service is welcoming and infectious, with palpable enthusiasm, pride, and love. Wilson’s is one of those places where you look forward to being asked how your meal is because the kitchen deserves your praise.

The food at Wilson’s is simply outstanding. The starters are particularly noteworthy, with dishes like a mushroom-piped choux pastry, a gurnard and blood orange soup, and a potato, chive, and girolle tart. The fish dishes, such as the mackerel, turbot, and mussels, are cooked with great skill and served in vibrant broths. The pheasant main course is also exceptional, with a luxurious sauce and a take on the classic chou farci. And let’s not forget the desserts: the custard tart with bay leaf ice cream is simply sultry and opulent.


Nadu is a Bristol-based restaurant with a modern twist on traditional Tamil street food. The team behind Nutmeg in Clifton launched Nadu as their second venture. Unlike Nutmeg, which focuses on regional Indian cuisine, Nadu has an edgy vibe, with walls painted in midnight shades and an offbeat location on the street. Located in the People’s Republic area of Stokes Croft, where street art is widely advocated, you can expect innovative dining experiences.

Nadu has a chic interior and serves memorably spiced dishes, with a menu that caters to everyone, including vegan and vegetarian options. The kukul devil chicken wings, with a potent sauce, make for a tantalizing start to your meal. The thick and vibrantly colored vambatu moju stew, made with aubergine, shallots, kokum, garlic, and coriander, is a standout dish. The meaty tiger prawns are also a finger-licking pleasure. The hoppers, which are coconut milk pancakes served with chutneys and sambols, are a must-try. Additionally, the sauces used throughout the menu are exciting and compelling, with the nandu melagu, a frilly-battered soft-shell crab on string hoppers, being especially pungent with shallot, dry chili, and peppercorn.

While some dishes at Nadu are delicious, others are just a tweak away from being outstanding. The menu has many vegan and vegetarian options, such as the chickpea-battered plantain fritters, which lose their crispness quickly but still make for a substantial start. The meatiness of the tiger prawns and the thick, dramatically colored vambatu moju stew are the standout dishes. Hoppers, the coconut milk pancake with chutneys and sambols, are a must-try. The sauces throughout the menu are also exciting and compelling. Overall, Nadu is one of the best places to eat in Bristol, where you can savor traditional Tamil street food with a modern twist in a chic and edgy setting.

Souk Kitchen

If you’re looking for a great place to eat in Bristol, check out Souk Kitchen Clifton. It’s similar to its sister restaurant in Southville, but has the added benefit of a shop that sells hard-to-find Middle Eastern ingredients and products. 

You can visit Souk Kitchen Clifton any day of the week for brunch, lunch, early dinner, afternoon cake and tea, or a quick after-work mezze with a glass of wine or two. When you visit in the evening, you’ll notice the warm and rustic Middle Eastern ambiance, with flickering candles in glass jars and cutlery in colorful cans. The design takes inspiration from the markets and street food stalls of Arab and Berber cities. You’ll also find an eclectic wine menu with new and innovative wines from Greece, Turkey, the Balkans, and other interesting regions.

The interior of Souk Kitchen Clifton is designed to evoke the feel of a Middle Eastern marketplace, with a warm and rustic ambiance. The flickering candles in glass jars and cutlery in colorful cans create an inviting and cozy atmosphere that’s perfect for a romantic evening or a night out with friends. You can enjoy the warm ambiance while exploring the eclectic wine menu, which offers new and innovative wines from Greece, Turkey, the Balkans, and other interesting regions.

At Souk Kitchen Clifton, the menu offers Middle Eastern cuisine that is sure to satisfy your cravings. You can indulge in brunch, lunch, and early dinner, or have some afternoon cake and tea. The mezze selection is perfect for sharing and pairs well with a glass of wine. The restaurant takes inspiration from the markets and street food stalls of Arab and Berber cities, with the added benefit of a shop that sells hard-to-find Middle Eastern ingredients and products. Souk Kitchen Clifton is a great place to eat in Bristol that offers an experience that is both authentic and unique.

The Wild Beer Co

Wild Beer is a popular drinking spot in Bristol that has gained a loyal following from both locals and tourists. The outdoor seating area is perfect for enjoying the sun while sipping on one of Wild Beer’s unique brews. 

They have a vast selection of beer, including around 20 different varieties on tap, and the staff offer samples to help customers choose the perfect beer to suit their taste. Wild Beer also has a great selection of gin and a well-curated wine list to complement its menu, making it a go-to spot for beer lovers in Bristol.

The interior of Wild Beer is charming and cozy, featuring colorful cans for cutlery and flickering candles in glass jars to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The restaurant’s large windows overlooking the water and the outdoor seating area add to the Continental ambiance of the dining experience. Customers can enjoy their meals while soaking up the sun and watching the crowds passing by.

The menu at Wild Beer is diverse and delicious, with a range of beer-friendly foods to pair with their extensive selection of brews. The dishes include tasty options like fish and chips, goat’s cheese with candied pecans, and Southern fried buttermilk sardines. The drinks and food are thoughtfully crafted to complement each other, making it an ideal destination for beer and food enthusiasts. With its inviting ambiance, impressive drink selection, and exceptional food menu, it’s no surprise that Wild Beer is one of the top places to eat in Bristol.


If you’re craving authentic Spanish tapas in Bristol, don’t miss out on the chance to visit this restaurant. Run by Kieran and Imogen Waite, the restaurant prides itself on offering a true taste of Spain. The couple and their staff make an annual trip to Spain to maintain the restaurant’s authenticity and connections with their suppliers. As a result, you can expect high-quality food and a fantastic dining experience.

The restaurant’s interior has a warm and inviting atmosphere, with rustic and earthy decor that transports you to a small taverna in Spain. The restaurant has a cozy and intimate ambiance, perfect for enjoying the small, sumptuous Spanish plates. The walls are adorned with traditional Spanish tiles, and the furniture has a rustic and homely feel, making it the perfect spot for a relaxing evening out.

The restaurant’s menu features various small plates, each dish bursting with authentic Spanish flavors. You can expect to find classic dishes like patatas bravas, chorizo, and croquettes, as well as more adventurous options like octopus and slow-cooked lamb. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or a full meal, the restaurant’s menu has something for everyone. 

And if you’re a seafood lover, check out its sister restaurant, Gambas, located at the harborside and specializes in fish. With its authentic flavors and inviting ambiance, this restaurant is one of Bristol’s best places to eat.

Spiney Lobster

The Spiny Lobster is a seafood restaurant located near Bristol’s fish market that offers the freshest and best quality seafood. Directly linked with fishermen from the port of Brixham, they receive the best catch of the day every day from one of the world’s finest fishing locations. The restaurant’s main focus is to provide customers with simple and fresh seafood cooked to perfection.

The restaurant’s atmosphere is relaxed and informal, making it an excellent place to sit and enjoy some of the world’s freshest seafood. Their unique specialty is cooking fish over a charcoal fire, giving it a delicious and distinctive Mediterranean flavor. The service is excellent, and the restaurant is committed to purchasing only responsibly caught fish.

The Spiny Lobster, formerly known as the Rockfish Grill, is a must-visit for seafood lovers looking for quality and freshness. It’s one of the best places to eat in Bristol, with a great reputation for delicious seafood, friendly service, and a relaxing atmosphere.


Looking for a place to eat in Bristol? Littlefrench is a must-visit restaurant that offers a menu full of delicious French-inspired dishes that are sure to satisfy. With Freddy Bird at the helm, who has brought his experience from London’s The Square and Moro, Littlefrench has already impressed reviewers and locals alike, making it one of the most popular places to eat in Bristol.

The interior of Littlefrench is tastefully decorated with a dark green and gold color scheme, deep blue banquettes, and an overall feeling of subtlety and good taste. The courtyard, illuminated with twinkling lights, creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere that overlooks a nearby parkland. The restaurant is known for offering a comfortable dining experience with well-spaced tables that offer privacy and comfort for diners.

The food at Littlefrench is exceptional, with a menu that is almost too tempting to choose from. From roasted scallops and milk-fed Pyrenean lamb chops to bouillabaisse and whole turbot, the starters and mains are expertly prepared and delicious. The confit duck is exemplary, and the chocolate mousse is too airy to be considered an indulgence. Littlefrench is an experience that is both life-affirming and seductive, making it a restaurant that should not be missed for those looking for great places to eat in Bristol.


The Lido is a must-visit restaurant in Bristol for its stunning view of the water, making it one of the city’s most scenic places to eat. Located on the first floor, diners can enjoy their meal while taking a breathtaking view of the pool. This restaurant attracts a wide range of people, from well-dressed food enthusiasts to spa-goers in fluffy dressing gowns. The atmosphere is lively and comfortable, making it the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the surroundings.

The interior of The Lido is modern and stylish, with a minimalist design that allows the stunning view to take center stage. The decor is simple, with clean lines and neutral colors, and the large windows bring in plenty of natural light. The restaurant is spacious, with a mix of tables and booths that are perfect for groups or couples. The relaxed ambiance makes it an ideal place for a leisurely meal or a quick bite.

The menu at The Lido offers Spanish-inspired cuisine that is both delicious and unique. The dishes are expertly prepared, focusing on fresh, high-quality ingredients. The comprehensive wine list features a selection of carefully chosen bottles to complement the food. Whether you’re in the mood for a light snack or a full meal, The Lido has something to suit every taste. With its stunning view, comfortable atmosphere, and excellent food and drinks, The Lido is one of the best places to eat in Bristol.

The Ethicurean

The Ethicurean is an extraordinary restaurant located in a beautifully restored Victorian walled garden just 12 miles outside Bristol. It offers breathtaking views over the Mendip Hills and beyond, providing a unique and memorable dining experience. Guests can enjoy their immersive “Ethicurean Experience,” which features dinner, drinks, and outdoor exploration.

The interior of The Ethicurean is warm and inviting, with exposed brick walls and a rustic design that complements the natural surroundings of the garden. The restaurant offers indoor and outdoor seating, allowing diners to soak up the stunning views of the garden and beyond. The attention to detail in the interior design creates an atmosphere of comfort and intimacy, making it an ideal location for a special occasion or a romantic dinner.

The Ethicurean’s menu features an array of dishes that showcase the best seasonal and locally sourced ingredients. With a strong focus on ethical and sustainable farming practices, their top-notch eats are sure to please any food lover. From their deliciously cooked meat and fresh seafood to their vegetarian options, The Ethicurean offers something for everyone. The restaurant is definitely one of the top places to eat in Bristol, with its impressive food quality and spectacular views.

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