It seems like a lot of people had a rubbish 2017 and that makes me sad. It does seem like a year of epic fails so I have loved reading positive 2017 posts. For me, 2017 was… let’s say interesting… but overall it was an amazing year. As a couple, Ash and I seem to have a permanent cloud of bad luck over our heads. The beginning of this year was full of it raining down on us. However, even though the year may have started with evacuations and health scares, the bad luck has eased as the year went on and we’ve had a pretty great 2017.


We had a bit of a mixed year of travel in 2017 but I am very grateful for the memories we made, the places we visited and the opportunities we had. In 2017, I took 22 flights and stepped foot in 8 countries. I was evacuated from Gambia, got rained on in Amsterdam, lived in Cyprus, explored Iceland and holidayed in India as well as spending time in England, Northern Ireland and Ireland.


This year work took me to Cyprus where I lived for 8 months. Work wise, it was the hardest season to date with incredibly long hours, ridiculously difficult customers, long commutes and extra responsibility. At the end of it all though, it was worth it as we got Winter work and I won several awards throughout the season. I still love to hate this job and every single season, I grow as a person.


I started 2017 with Ash and I am ending it with him which makes me unbelievably happy. This year, we got to make ourselves a little home together in Cyprus as well as have some incredible adventures. We’ve shared some difficult situations but battled through them together and continue to smile. He is such an incredibly supportive man and I am so grateful to have him in my life.


This year I have taken a total zero bullshit attitude towards friendships. I don’t have time to waste my energy on people who don’t appreciate me or make time for me. The people I now count as genuine friends take up one hand and I’m not even sad about it. It is 100% quality over quantity. I’ve accepted this year that friends will constantly come and go, particularly in my line of work so while I have had some amazing friendships and great times this year, I’m ok with that. This year, I also got involved in the blogging community and have met a handful of great girls.


I am one of those people who constantly thinks about eating healthier, exercising etc but never stick to it. This year, I made the decision that Jan 1st was my last Coca-Cola until Christmas… and I did it. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be and when I had that Coca-Cola on Christmas Day, I was a bit disappointed. I’ve totally lost my taste for it. It also really helped increase my energy levels and improved my skin by cutting it out. I also pretty much gave up alcohol this year. I opted not to drink it mainly on the basis of driving to work the following day and prefering to drive over taking a taxi to places but I don’t miss it. I honestly don’t like the feeling of being drunk and often just drank to fit it. I’ve only had alcohol a few times this year and I’ve enjoyed it on the occassions I did decide to drink rather than just drinking at any social event just for the sake of it. Healthy eating was hit and miss whilst exercise was next to none except for the week I ran 5k and went to the gym!

Mental health

Blogging has been flooded this year with mental health, self care and mindfulness and it is really the first time that I’ve thought about taking care of my own mental health. Work left me really stressed this Summer and I often found myself moody because of it. In October, I set myself a positivity challenge to try and improve my mental wellbeing. I meditated every morning, either read or listened to a sleep story before bed and I wrote everything that pissed me off in a book and forgot about it rather than venting to someone. It really worked and at the end of October, I felt so much calmer and more positive as a result. Sadly, November and December I let it slip as being off work, I didn’t feel the constant stress and need to meditate. I have however kept up my interest in learning about mindfulness and will be resuming my meditation in the New Year.


After a rocky start to the year living off the end of my overdraft for the first few months, it has been only uphill since going back to work in March. I have finally managed to pay off my overdraft, something which I have been failing to do for seven years plus I managed to save up a decent amount of money meaning I have been able to live comfortably whilst taking two months off work over Christmas as well as take trips to both Iceland and India.

Personal achievements

This year I made massive progress with my driving and I feel much more confident now. I have driven seven cars this year, both manual and automatic, and no longer have anxiety over driving a new car. I am now comfortable with driving at night, driving unfamiliar roads and driving with passengers. It might not seem like a great achievement but I was terrified for my entire first year of driving so it feels amazing to now be comfortable with it. I also swam in the sea for the first time. Whilst I can swim, I’m not very confident with my abilities and never would have dreamed of getting off a boat in the middle of the sea but this year, I did it twice. In all honesty, the first time I had the support of a water noodle and the second I wore a life jacket but I feel like I’m at least over the first hurdle. My final personal achievement is that I became the travel editor for The Growing Up Guide. It was such an honour just to be a contributor but I am proud that I am now one of the editors along with an incredible group of girls for this amazing site.

2017, you were a rollercoaster and you were amazing!

I hope you have all had an incredible 2017 and all the best for the new year!

Steph x

All opinions are my own and just that: opinions. This blog post is not sponsored or endorsed in any way.

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