Another day off, another morning of waking up early to do another excursion we should have done weeks ago. I’ll let this one slide though because I really enjoyed this one.

The Akamas Peninsula is the last untouched coast in Cyprus. The only place where tourism hasn’t hit and buildings are few and far between. Roads are non-existent with a lack of public transport and standard cars unable to weather the bumpy tracks. A jeep safari is the only way forward!

It was a gorgeous day when we jumped in the jeep. The sun was shining but there was still a pleasant coolness to the air. It didn’t take us too long to reach out first stop and along the way, the driver pulled up and got Ash to jump out and steal some bananas from a tree. They were dwarf bananas which made them sweet and delicious. Once we arrived in Akamas, our first stop was Avakas Gorge. A thirty minute hike to one of the natural wonders of the island. The hike itself was fairly level and not too strenuous with a few stepping stones across streams. It was a lovely little walk with beautiful views and even a goat spotting from the side of a cliff. The further you walk, the more the path narrows until you are in the gorge and the temperature is refreshing. It is said to stay cool all year round, even in the height of Summer which will be a lovely break from the midday heat in July and August. We snapped some photos before heading back to the jeep and onto our next stop.


Lara Beach is a beautiful, golden sand beach with stunning surroundings. Lara Beach also has a turtle conservation project running. Unfortunately, the turtles were still nesting so we were unable to see them but we learnt a lot about the project and I would love to head back in the Summer to try and catch sight of the cuties. From there we drove through the forest and onward to our lunch stop for the day. Another trip, another meze but it was delicious. I was so happy I got to enjoy this meal after the previous jeep safari illness fail.


After lunch was a stop at the Baths of Aphrodite. These were said to be the personal bathing grounds of the Goddess of Love and where she met her lover Adonis. If you wash your face in the water, you’re supposed to look ten years younger. We’re still yet to see the results though! The baths are pretty but not much considering the big tourist pull they have. We did see an eel in the baths though which was interesting!


On our journey, the driver had told us about a magic road. You look like you are going downhill but if you stop the vehicle and put it in neutral, you will roll backwards. We didn’t understand it because how can you roll backwards when you’re going downhill? So he took us there and sure enough, as we were driving, we were heading downhill but as soon as we stopped we rolled backwards. It’s mind boggling but we were actually heading uphill, it was just an optical illusion that we were heading downhill. If you looked out of the back of the jeep, you could see we were heading uphill but from the front, it looked like we were heading down.


We stopped at Latchi Harbour but there wasn’t really a lot to see or do there except a few boats so after a few pictures, we wanted to get back in the jeep.

Our final stop was a winery where we got to do a bit of tasting. I only sampled the white and rose but was not impressed with any of it, I much preferred the lemon olive oil they gave us to dip bread into! I’m definitely not a drinker any more.


It was a beautiful day where we got to see some lovely and interesting places, all in good company. It’s nice to see an untouched side of Cyprus because as nice as everything else is, there’s always a bit of tourism somewhere close by which ruins it. The area is beautiful and I definitely want to head back to try to spot some turtles!

This blog post is not sponsored or endorsed in any way. All opinions are my own and just that opinions.

I attended this excursion free of charge through my company. All opinions are my own and the excursion company Daktari have not paid for or are aware of any reviews for their product.


One thought on “AKAMAS

  1. Hels says:

    The beach looks beautiful, as do the Baths! I’d definitely want to go and see the turtles, and lovely to know you’ll have a cool spot with an awesome view for when it gets too hot! Xxx


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