One thing I love is baking and seeing all the festive creations that this time of year has to offer. With how busy life can get in December though, it can be tricky to find the time to do some good honest baking. A simple way to combat this is to whip up some no-bake festive treats which will save you both time and effort but still impress.




Candy canes

White chocolate

Milk chocolate


For this treat, each peppermint heart takes two candy canes. You can decide between regular or mini depending on the size you want, I opted for mini and you could also add in a plastic stick to make them chocolate lollipops. All you need to do is but two candy canes together in a heart shape on some baking paper, add some sprinkles inside the heart and then layer over some melted white chocolate. Once the chocolate has set, pour over a layer of melted milk chocolate. Once this has set, Bob’s your Uncle.




Salted pretzels

White chocolate


Strawberry laces

For the wreaths, place six salted pretzels in a circle on some baking paper with the biggest part of the pretzel on the inside of the circle. One by one, remove one pretzel and dip the biggest side of the pretzel, the one of the circle inside, into some melted white chocolate and place back in the circle. Do this with each until all pretzels are half dipped and joined back up in the circle. Then take additional pretzels and dip the opposite end, the smaller side of the pretzel, in the white chocolate. Place these in the gaps between the bottom layer of pretzels with the two holes at the tops filling in the gap. Repeat until all gaps are filled. Once the wreath is complete, drizzle another layer of white chocolate over the original chocolate to help with the binding and then add some sprinkles before placing in the fridge to set. Once the wreath is set, thread a strawberry lace in and out of the two holes filling the gaps and tie a bow where to two ends meet. Fanny’s your Aunt!

This blog post is not sponsored or endorsed in any way. All opinions are my own and just that: opinions.




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