Stepping back in time and exploring the Victorian village at Preston Park was something I loved to do as a child. A day in the Summer always meant a day of running around the park, exploring the museum and wandering down the old-fashioned street. There was always something fascinating about this old street. Maybe because it was completely different to streets I was used to but I remember loving popping into the old police station and grabbing some sweets from the old fashioned sweet shop. It has been years and years since I last paid a visit. I was definitely a child as I have very vague memories and a lot of what I do remember has changed dramatically at Preston Park. The one thing that hasn’t changed though if that Victorian street.

It still stands exactly as I remember it with the jail cell you can visit, the sweet shop you can purchase from and the dressmakers for a try-on session. A lot of the shops you can pop into an have a look around and explore the past, some are just shop fronts for show. It’s a magical little place though which makes you feel like time-travel is real as you’ve been transported to the Victorian era.


This past weekend, Preston Park held a festive market. In all honesty, myself and Ash kinda snuck in. My parents went back in the Summer and the admission ticket is valid for a year so they got in free of charge having previously paid. My mum suggested we say we’re students to get in for free but we weren’t even asked, we just followed behind my parents and weren’t even questioned. Dodgy duo!


Little stalls took up both the inside of the museum and the village outside. A lovely festive, Victorian walk sipping mulled wine and browsing the stalls. There was a lot on offer, particularly for children. You could write a letter to Santa and send it directly from the post box outside the police station. There were craft workshops making reindeer food and ornaments. It was a cute little activity place perfect for a festive day out for the kids. Upstairs of the Victorian cafe, a baking tutorial was held, giving you a sampling session of a few Christmas recipes of the time and providing with you a list of the ingredients and instructions to recreate yourself at home.

It was an adorable little market with a Victorian feel which had the extra advantages of craft workshops and Christmas demonstrations to give the market a bit more pizazz. After the market, we had a brief visit in the museum seeing some Victorian relics and some history about the house aswell as a cute little stroll around the park before heading to Wyevale Garden Centre to see their Christmas display. All in all, a charming little festive day out.

Preston Park festive market is free with the museum admission which costs £2.50 per adult and runs for an entire weekend in December.

This blog post was not sponsored or endorsed in any way.

All opinions are my own and just that: opinions.


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