Imagine this: your footprints left in the sands of the Sahara desert as you stroll past a giant oasis, sipping mojitos and resting underneath palm trees. That’s exactly how I spent my day off. Technically it was but not in the way that you think. The sand was of that of Las Teresitas beach whose golden sand was shipped over from the Sahara to make a change from the black sand beaches of the island. The oasis is in fact the Atlantic Ocean. The mojitos and palm trees, just exactly that.

After a very brief visit through Las Teresitas during our Anaga trip the previous week, we vowed to come back to spend our next day off. The beach was beautiful and of complete contrast to the beaches we have become accustomed to. Due to the volcanicity of the island, the beaches of Tenerife aren’t quite as beautiful as the typical white and golden sands you imagine when you picture a beach. The beach is beautiful. It was a gorgeous change to enjoy some sun kissed sand surrounded by leaning palm trees, breathtaking mountains and clear, blue waters. The only downside to the beach is that it is right next to the harbour of Santa Cruz. As the harbour charges extortionate prices to park inside, oil tankers instead decide to park a little away from the harbour, directly in front of the beach and an otherwise amazing view.

The beach is mainly popular with locals as it is right next to the capital and far away from the tourist resorts of the South. However, to this day, a lot of locals are scared to step foot on it. When the sand arrived from the Sahara, it was riddled with scorpions and although the scorpions quickly died, locals are still fearful that they may get pinched during a sunbathe.

We however, were happy to wriggle our toes and in the toasty grains below our feet. We spent the day sipping strawberry mojitos whilst basking in the glow of the sun, reading, chatting and just enjoying a relaxing day. We had been told that this part of the ocean was popular with turtles and angel fish so of course, we took along our snorkels which has become our new little hobby.

It’s places like this which really make you appreciate what Tenerife has to offer. An idyllic beach just minutes away from the capital city and surrounded by vast mountainous greenery, the island really does have it all. It was an absolutely gorgeous and chilled out day topped with a cherry in the form of KFC on our way back through Santa Cruz. A great way to celebrate three months together.


All opinions are my own and just that: opinions.

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