In every destination, whichever company you are repping for, throughout the season, you have jollies. A team activity or event to celebrate and to keep us motivated. Every destination will have a start, a mid and an end of season jolly. Extras are sometimes added in depending on your manager. So far, to be completely honest with you, every jolly I have had has been pretty rubbish. Let’s start at the beginning…



This evening was held at Son Amar which is a show in the South of the island. The event started off with the summer launch which basically consists of all your managers babbling about stuff you honestly don’t care about because you’re only thinking ahead to the drink and saying how they can’t wait to have an amazing season. This was a particularly long one and I’m pretty sure we sat there for hours. At the end of the summer launch, the destination manager wished that we all enjoyed the jolly… Skipped forward an hour, the show started by the presenting stating “This is not a jolly, this is a learning experience.”Ā Great! Turns out, it wasn’t our own jolly after all. Every tour operator on the island had been invited to the show that evening and the managers had just decided to pass it off as our jolly. I’ll admit the food was absolutely banging and parts of the show I really enjoyed but it was so, so long and repetitive and once you realised it wasn’t actually a jolly designed for us, you couldn’t really enjoy it as a jolly.



Again, another example of where our managers passed off an event we had been invited to off as a jolly. Aqualand invited us all to sample the park as this previously hadn’t been arranged. Our journey to the water park took longer than the time we actually spent in the park. We arrived at 5pm with the attractions closing at 6pm, spending the entire hour queueing for one slide. Once they brought out the free sangria, we were promised, it was time to get back on the coach to head home. A grand waste of time!


Or should that be lack of end of season jolly as I didn’t actually get one. Mallorca held their’s two weeks after I moved to Tenerife which is a shame because they held it in a nightclub in Palma and it sounded incredible. Then, to add the cherry on top of the cake, I wasn’t invited to the Tenerife one because I hadn’t been on the island long enough. How unfair. The four of us who weren’t invited and hadn’t attended an end of season jolly had our own. We went for a gorgeous meal in Chill Out before going bowling and getting smashed on the free bar. We did meet everyone after which was nice but it was still a shame not to be invited.


Another boring Summer launch to listen to followed by an hour’s free bar in a pub that we frequent regularly anyway and already get heavily discounted drinks. Plus, the football was on so the atmosphere was not really jolly friendly. All in all, another rubbish jolly.


So because the past jollies have been so rubbish, I didn’t have much hope for our Tenerife mid-season jolly. Especially since it seemed so long for them to plan it and it ended up taking place way past mid-season. Other destinations always seem to have amazing jollie and when colleagues post photos on Facebook of them, it does make you a little jealous. However, this mid-season jolly was actually decent. It was held on the Freebird catamaran which we have all been on before but instead of sailing, we had a harbour party. A fairly decent free bar, a bit of free grub, some good tunes, amazing scenery and great company, it was the best jolly we have had so far. The actually put some effort and organisation into one! And to top it all off, the new cocktail bar Lava Lounge which opened on the island a few weeks ago were hosting us with three free cocktails after the harbour party. Unheard of to actually go to somewhere different from Leonardo’s. A few of us went down to Lava Lounge a week or two back to check it out, really enjoying the atmosphere and cocktails so it was nice that we were heading there. To be honest though, after the boats free bar and one cocktail in Lava Lounge, we were down and had to call it a day. However, I will give props to the Tenerife mid-season for being the best jolly I’ve experienced so far.

I now have better hopes for the end of season jolly in about two months time. Keep your fingers crossed for us and watch this space…

All opinions are my own and just that: opinions.

This blog post is not sponsored or endorsed in any way.

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