Considering I’ve lived in the area for a combined total of 5 months now, there is still a great deal I don’t know about the area and a hell of a lot left to discover. When you live somewhere, you take the area for granted and only truly appreciate it once it’s gone. I found this out about my hometown. Once I went away to university, I saw the place in a totally different light and had a new found respect for it. Especially after my season abroad, I saw my hometown with new eyes and discovered things I never even knew existed. One thing I regret about last summer is not exploring the beautiful island of Mallorca as well as I could have. This summer, I’m not about to waste any time. I want to appreciate Tenerife the way it deserves and explore as much of it as I possibly can.

Last week’s day off, we decided to go exploring. No where far away, we only took our feet, we headed to the beach and took a right, just following the paths. Ok, let’s back track a little. When we got to the beach front, we were starving and in need of a quick lunch stop. This was where we popped into El Gran Sol on Fanabe beach front for some incredible cocktails, pineapple mojito and disaronno sour, respectively and some not too shabby food. Once we’d topped up on energy, we just walked. It was a lovely day, if not incredibly hot. That week we had calima which is strong winds from Africa bringing over incredible heat and leaving sand in the air from the Sahara desert.

We walked all the way along Playa De Fanabe until we hit the nicer area of Playa Del Duque. The El Duque area feels like you’ve suddenly been transported to another world. It’s absolutely beautiful with gorgeous restaurants to one side, beach huts and parasols on the right. It feels a lot more authentic that the touristic side to South Tenerife and it’s an absolutely stunning area. The resort is a lot more upmarket and seems a lot more relaxed than it’s neighbouring resorts. Casa Del Duque is also on the cliff side, a beautiful Canarian mansion, adding to the feel of the area. There are a lot of rumours about who actually owns the mansion. Some say Elton John, Elizabeth Taylor and even Elvis has been said to own it. A more realistic version of who owns it Rafael Puig Lluvina who created Urbanization Playa De Las Americas and was also the owner of a chain of perfumeries on the island, however, it is still difficult to find the true story and ownership. I know it has been used a few times for a Spanish soap opera but considering the amount of rumours about this ownership, this could also be false gossip.


Continuing down the coast, you start to see that the pebbled area is decorated with stacked stones. Hundreds of piles, all there to represent peace and balance and it’s nice to see that so many people have stopped and taken the time to build a stack creating a sense of harmony and community in the area.

Moving, on you come to the most beautiful black sand of Playa La Enramada. The majority of the beaches on Tenerife are black sand beaches due to the volcano, however, I lot of them are pretty murky and not nice to look at. However, the black sand here is so picturesque especially will the blue waves lapping over it in contrast. We sat on a wall eating ice lollies just staring at the sand and ocean for ages.

We then carried on to wander through La Caleta village which is beautifully Canarian and authentic. A little fishing village with a lot of traditional restaurants and the locals jumping in the sea, here you get see a glimpse into the real Tenerife.

We then took a climb up about a million and three steps before reaching Caleta National Park which is less of a national park and more of a cliff with a lot of rocks and a few cacti. We wandered all the way along until we reached what we have named “Hippy Bay”. From my search on Google maps, I have found that the cove is called Playa De Los Morteros. However, whenever I type that name into Google, nothing of relevance comes up. Anyway, it is a very unusual, gypsy like cove where a lot of people have set up camp and even home. Houses made out of bed sheets, wood, hay and random objects are scattered around the cove and one right on the beach front is built into the rock. It is incredibly chilled out down by the bay and feels like a little secret. We spent a long time just sitting enjoying the sound of the waves, paddling in the ocean, skipping stones and I even saw my first live crab. It was a lovely, little place to relax.


Eventually, we decided to head back. That day, we were both wearing completely inappropriate footwear for out exploring and by this point, the blisters and sores had appeared but we still had a lovely little walk back, even enjoying a surreal sunset. At one point, the sun was split behind a cloud giving it a unique look then once the sun had disappeared, the sky was the most beautiful pink. The perfect ending to a perfect day.


A beautiful day, a nice ocean view and each other’s company, it was simple but one of my favourite days off so far. Plus, to end the day on a high, my handsome fellow explorer asked me to officially be his girlfriend.


All opinions are my own and just that: opinions.

This blog post was not sponsored or endorsed in any way.


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