One of the first things on my itinerary when I arrived in Tenerife late last September was a night at the Music Hall Tavern. MHT started its journey in Lanzarote and is now a famous night out all over the Canary Islands. During my six weeks on the island, I got to experience the amazingness of the show twice and upon hearing about it’s UK tour clashing with my home visit, I just had to book tickets.

The UK tour is slightly different from the Canary Island shows. Whilst on the islands, you are at a dinner show with a pre-show meal and drinks throughout, in the UK, it is strictly a theatre show. The tour features more songs to replace some of the comedy sketches which simply would not work as well without the intimacy of the venues abroad and banter is shared a lot more between the immediate audience than the wider. I treated my friend to tickets at Billingham Forum for a Christmas present and upon seeing I had booked front row seats, he worried that he would get picked on all night. Batting for the other team, I assured him that they usually pick of the straight men and he’d be perfectly safe… and I was incredibly wrong. He found himself as their flirtation prop all night as they dedicated songs to him and joked at his expense. All in good humour though, he took it like a trooper and if you were to find yourself close to the front, it’s all good natured, just get involved and have fun with them.

For those of you who may have seen MHT on one of the Canary Islands, you will understand the wonder of it. For those of you who have never heard of it before, the Music Hall Tavern is a comedy drag show. Far from the sometimes tacky and painful drag shows that pop up all over the place, MHT is hilarious and thoroughly enjoyable. From their incredible comic timing, witty banter and side-splittingly funny sounds, MHT is simply a great night out. Good all round fun for both the young and old. Featuring a variation of well-known and original songs, you are guaranteed to leave the venue with a smile on your face.


Whether you attend in the Canaries for the funniest night of your holiday or pop along whilst it is visiting the UK, you will have an amazingly laughter filled night out!



Have you seen MHT before? Which Canary Island did you visit?

*All opinions are my own and just that: opinions.

**This blog post was not sponsored or endorsed in any way.



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