2015 was a year to remember. The most surreal and surprising one of my life. Nothing that happened this year was expected. My life did a complete one 180 and headed in the opposite direction. Everything changed. It has been the biggest rollercoaster of my life, having at times been both the best and worst year. After the dramatic beginning which broke me into pieces, I smiled my way through it, pulled myself back together and built myself a brand new life. A life I adore and appreciate it.  I am grateful to everyone who played a part in the rebuilding of me. With every little bad thing thrown my way,  a million more amazing things happened to me. Although I never wish to feel that way again, I am happy that in the end, it all worked out and brought me to where I am today. I’m glad I had the strength to work my way through it, pick myself, find my happiness and enjoy my life. It has been the most incredible year but the most amazing experiences. Sometimes the worst roads lead us to the most beautiful destinations.


I got a job I love. As much as I still want to throw my alarm at the wall every morning, I am so privileged to have my job and I’m pretty good at it (if I do say so myself).

I moved abroad. Something I have always wanted to do but never dreamed I would have the opportunity.

I have lived in, worked in and explored to brand new destinations. Mallorca and Tenerife are both places I never even considered visiting before but they now both hold a piece of my heart.

I rode a horse for the first time. Something I have never been interested in doing and was terrified during but oh so pleased I did it.

I walked my first high ropes assault course. Always been on the bucket list and not in a massive hurry to do again any time soon.

I got so drunk I passed out. I usually know my limits and have only been so drunk I can’t remember the night once before. Yet this summer saw an incredible amount of getting drunk and making a fool out of myself including passing out in a toilet 4 hours into my stay in Tenerife. Great first impression!

I swam in the sea for the first time. I had never been in the sea abroad before and the English sea is a bit too cold for more than a paddle.

I stroked a dolphin. Always wanted to swim with them but unfortunately, have still not found myself in the right destination to do so but I stroked, got a photo and asked a dolphin to perform tricks for me which is still pretty awesome.

I went caving. A brand new concept to me but thoroughly enjoyed.

I made some incredible friends. People I shared a lot of love and laughter with, some just for a moment, some who will stay in my life forever, all I am grateful for.

I realised my worth. After a long time of being used, let down and disrespected, I finally learnt to have the respect for myself, stand up for myself and realise I deserve better.

I went down to the bottom of the ocean in a submarine. Not as exciting as I expected but still pretty awesome to say I’ve done it.

I didn’t have my life planned out. I have always planned and thoroughly thought through my life and for the first time, I took a random chance which worked out and have just gone with the flow. For now this is still working for me and I love the possibilities.

I lived the single life. Having been in a long term relationship since the age of 18 and only ever dating with the intention of long term, this is something I never understood but if even for a brief time, sometimes love affairs can be a beautiful thing.

I went wine tasting for the first time. I’m not classy enough for wine tasting and I still don’t really understand the point but I enjoyed the experience.

I had my first balloon. Not a big deal to most people but I have never even encountered them before.

I encountered my first black sand beach. I didn’t even know these existed.

I realised travel is what I want to do with my life. I have always wanted to see the world but this summer has infected me and I will happily go without a cure.

I matured my tastes. I’m now a girl who goes for afternoon tea, lives on cocktails, eats in fancy restaurants and has her own cheese board. I’m turning into such a classy lady. With the exception of getting so drunk I pass out and fall downstairs, make inappropriate comments constantly and love a good kebab or parmo. Just a few little things to work on before. Ha!

I learned to appreciate my family and friends more than ever before. I always have but being away from home really solidifies how much the mean to you and makes the time you spend together all the more special.



I don’t have a great deal planned out. As I said above, I love not having a plan and what the possibilities could be. I’m in a pantomime mid-January which will be followed by another London trip at some point. February will see a short break in Berlin, closing the month with a weekend in the seaside town of Scarborough. Then from mid- March until November, I will be moving back to Tenerife to continue rep life. Thrown in the mix will be the odd theatre trip, awesome meal and backyard exploration.

Unfortunately, my Thailand plan will fall through. I spent a liiiiitle too much money on Christmas and although for a while I had a massive heart/head debate over increasing my overdraft, I decided with the sensible option. It will also be quite crammed for time as I would not have a chance to recover from jetlag before heading to Berlin. So, as much as it pains my heart, Thailand will just have to wait until next winter.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a few more European city breaks before jetting off but at this point it’s unclear. The end of the year should hopefully see rep life continuing in a brand new destination (I have my fingers crossed for December in Lapland) but everything is just wait and see.

I hope you will stick with me and see where 2016 takes me. I wish you all the best for the coming 12 months. Happy New Year!



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