Tenerife is home to 411 volcanic spots, some dead and some just sleeping. With the last eruption on the island in 1909, there could be another any time soon as it is predicted to happen every 100 years. The most magnificent and famous of these volcanoes is Mount Teide. The most visited natural wonder in Spain, it is hard to miss Mount Teide with views all across the island and being the first thing you see when flying over.



The best place to view Teide however, is to head up to Parc Nacional del Teide with spectacular views all over the park. The landscape is breathtaking and amazing for photography lovers.



On a journey round the national park, you will experience other great spots too. The Ladies Shoe is a perfectly formed rock, you get to walk on and feel lava from the last eruption, visit the steps featured in The 10 Commandments, learn about the Guanches – the first inhabitants of Tenerife and also see a location from Fast and Furious 6. To get to the top of Mount Teide from the national park is roughly an 8 hour hike or you can take a trip up on a cable car. This however is subject to weather conditions and if it is running, the queue is quite ridiculous. There are various ways to explore Teide from driving around yourself, a standard coach trip or for a bit more adventure, join a Jeep safari.



I would definitely recommend taking a visit to see the most incredible landmark of Tenerife. Just a tip, take something warm!!



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