“Culturally Brussels has a lot to offer, to the point that Brussels has even been called the comic capital of Europe. It houses both Tintin and the Smurfs. Next to comics, Brussels has a very artist-friendly community, resulting in beautiful murals and street art, inspiring museums and art galleries, and even housing one of the best selling concert venues in the world: Ancienne Belgique. ”

About Brussels

Brussels is known everywhere in the world for his chocolate, beer and waffles… but did you know the city has its own collection of peeing statues?  It also houses world’s largest museum hall completely dedicated to dinosaurs, and one of Europe’s largest botanic gardens.

Flying to Brussels

Brussels Airport (BRU) is the main international airport serving Belgium, and it is located approximately 12 kilometers from the Brussels center city.  The airport is one of the 25 busiest airports in all of Europe, with more than 23 million passengers annually.

Two Languages

You may find that there are some English speaking residents at your place of stay in Brussels; especially if you are going to a highly populated tourist area.  However; It’s always appreciated when tourists know a few words or sentences in French or Dutch.

Manneken pis

Most people only know Manneke Pis, the boy who – according to the legend – saved the city by peeing on a bomb, but did you know he has a peeing sister called “Jeanneke Pis” and even a peeing dog called “Zinneke”? 

Botanic Garden

The National Botanic Garden of Belgium is one of Europe’s largest botanic gardens. Its location is just 3 km from the famous Atomium, and in easy reach.  You will discover a paradise for nature and plant lovers, and a historic domain that extends over 92 ha.

Humus x Hortense

Humus x Hortense is a vegan restaurant located in the heart of Ixelles’ Flagey neighbourhood, and is led by Flemish Chef Nicolas Decloedt. The restaurant was crowned the best vegan restaurant in the world, beating 800 other venues from around the world.