Last Summer, I really got into podcasts and I've been obsessed over since. I listen when I'm getting ready on a morning, I listen during my car journeys and I listen if I ever go for a solo walk. Podcasts never fail to provide me with either a good belly laugh or a positive vibe. … Continue reading MINDFULNESS TO YOUR EARS


Life is busy and we all get stressed. Stress can come from anywhere whether it be work or home and can affect everyone in a different way. Some people thrive on stress whilst others retreat but no matter how stress affects you, a lot of stress will have a negative impact. April is Stress Awareness … Continue reading 10 WAYS TO TAME YOUR STRESS

MARCH 2018

March... oh March! After February, I had such high hopes for you and you spectacularly let me down. To be fair, the month started off well, we finally started to feel relatively happy in Gran Canaria but the end of the month has gone totally tits up. Let's blame it on Mercury going retrograde. Awesome … Continue reading MARCH 2018