Welcome to 2018 and the first monthly roundup of the year. It’s been a funny little month. I haven’t hated it but I haven’t loved it. The beginning of the month saw me going back to work with the start of my first ever Winter season and moving to Gran Canaria. It’s been a month of some good times but a great deal of meh times so I’m hoping for a better February!


Two. We spent the first four days enjoying the new year in England before moving to Gran Canaria.


Just the one to get us to Gran Canaria. We flew with Jet2 for the first time and it was really good… or maybe that was just because I got free tea because my friend was cabin crew on the flight!


Whilst Gran Canaria hasn’t been the best time of my life so far, it’s still pretty awesome that I have a job that let’s me live and work in a new destination.

I got the see Music Hall Tavern again which no matter how many times I see it will always crease me up. I love that show.

A couple of days in, we drove past an abandoned water park and we know how much I love abandoned places  so a few days later when we were in Puerto Rico for an excursion, I skipped the boat trip part of the excursion to walk up to it. We couldn’t get in, only look through the gate but it was super cool.

One of the things Gran Canaria has going for it is the Moonlight Cinema. It’s the only permanent outdoor cinema in Europe where you can watch a movie under the stars snuggled up in a blanket. We’ve been to see Stars Wars and The Post.

We had a lovely spa day at a hotel called Costa Meloneras. They have a 12 room hydrothermal circuit which is ultimate relaxation. You start off in The Womb Room where you basically walk through a vagina before relaxing on water beds. The circuit also includes saunas, steam rooms, a floatation pool, Turkish hamman and an igloo. I felt so chill when we left.

Looking at this list, I guess Gran Canaria isn’t so bad…



The prison cell they put us in to live for our first week in Gran Canaria…

Ash and I were both pretty ill for the first week of Gran Canaria. We slept and dosed up on Ibuprofen a lot.

Work is so, so quiet. I have no idea what to do with my days, I spend them staring at a wall, twiddling my thumbs.


First time in Gran Canaria, a new Canary island to scratch off the map.

First time doing yoga. I set myself a 30 day yoga challenge to write an article for The Growing Up Guide so I’ve been doing yoga for the first time. Some days I love it (the days I get to spend laying on the floor)  and some days I hate it (the days they expect me to do headstands and shit, fuck that for a laugh!)


This month I have really enjoyed reading bky. I love her raw, honest blog posts and attitude to life. She quite often pours her heart into her posts and offers some great ideas.



This month, I got involved in the Blogger Book Nook and for it, I read Sunshine On A Rainy Day by Bryony Fraser. I really loved it and you can read a proper review if you click on the Blogger Book Nook.

For Christmas, I asked for meditation books and Santa got me Wherever You Are, There You Are by Jon Kabat-Zinn. I’m only a third of the way through it so far but it has some great principles and explanations but it’s quite a difficult read so I really need to be in the right frame of mind to understand it!


The End of the F**king World came to Netflix this month and I LOVED it. I love anything that’s a bit weird and it’s a pity there wasn’t more episodes.

I’ve always loved Greys Anatomy but it struck me recently how far behind I am so I’ve spent a good chunk of time catching up on Seasons 13 and 14. Loved every second of it. I can’t wait until the spin off Station 19 comes out in March.

We saw Star Wars and The Post at the cinema. I’ve never really been a big fan of Star Wars, I think I’ve only watched bits of each film but it was a free ticket so I went and surprisingly enjoyed it. I kinda wished I’d seen the others to understand it better but never mind. The Post was also a really great film. I love anything with Meryl Streep, I think she’s amazing but the film also had a great storyline and also really highlighted how corrupt everything is.

Ash couldn’t believe it when I said I’d never seen Project X so sure enough, we downloaded it to introduce me. I enjoyed it but wouldn’t say it was particularly special.

New eats

Honestly, the month has mainly been spent in the places where we get rep discount!

Kim’s Bar, Playa Del Ingles, Gran Canaria. We spent too much time here but with our discount, it’s been hard to avoid. The food is decent for what you pay but the place is a shithole. If you’re on holiday, I would avoid but if you’re a rep looking for a dirt, cheap meal, I’d recommend.

The Red Cow, Playa Del Ingles, Gran Canaria. Another place we get discount but a slightly classier establishment. Still a pub but with good grub.

Things to look forward to in February…

February is the month of Carnaval here in Gran Canaria so I’m looking forward to seeing what that’s like.

This blog post is not sponsored or endorsed in any way. All opinions are my own and just that: opinions.





6 thoughts on “JANUARY 2018

  1. Sophie says:

    I missed the post, which is disappointing but i can’t wait to catch up with it when it’s released on download. i’m with you on Star Wars and I also felt it went on too long, having to spend an hour contemplating TMI your toilet situation is never fun!

    I can’t believe you stayed in a cell? That’s crazy, but i guess an experience in itself… can’t say you do that everyday! I’m so glad i’ve found your blog, as it’s different to anything i’ve seen 🙂 We need more of that in the blogosphere x

    Bumble and Be

    Liked by 1 person

    • Stephanie Dring says:

      In all honesty Tabitha, I’m still doing the 30 day yoga challenge… I’m on day 43 haha!! But I’m sticking to it more than I have stuck to any other type of exercise. I’m so happy I got to take part too!! x


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