newproject_1_original-1I love Christmas. Every year, I get my festive hat on and enjoy every moment but lets be honest, it can also be a stressful time of year.

When you’re a kid, it seems such a long time between Christmasses but as an adult, the year flies by and all of a sudden, it’s here again.

Whilst it’s amazing, it’s also overwhelming Β and can often leave you feeling tired, stressed and in need of a good rest.

This year, things have been a little different. With us returning to work early January, there was only a limited amount of time to squeeze in a sunny holiday and after a crazy year at work, we were in need of a holiday!!

That’s how we ended up in Goa, India for a 10 day holiday right before Christmas.

At the time of booking, it seemed a little daunting to be going on holiday at the busiest time of year but it has actually been amazing. I feel a lot more relaxed, organised and excited for Christmas than I have been for a long time.

So how has enjoying some Winter sun made Christmas less stressful?


More organisation

Going on holiday has meant I had to get myself organised and have everything ready in advance of going on holiday. Landing on the morning of the 23rd, I’ve written that day off as jetlag and the 24th is dedicated to relaxing and family time.

With this in mind, I had to have everything finished before we left the UK on the 12th.

In all honesty, I’m usually pretty organised anyway. I’m not one to run round last minute Christmas shopping and snapping up bargains on the eve. However, I am a Christmas worrier.

Instead of just getting presents I know people will like, I debate it over and over in my head, try to find alternatives and stress about whether it is right until I eventually take the plunge and buy it.

This year, I haven’t had that luxury. If I saw something, I bought it and the job was done.

I also have a habit of last minute panicking. Even if I have finished Christmas shopping, I have a stress last minute that I haven’t bought enough and waste money on pointless crap to bulk it up. This year, I haven’t been able to do that as I’m not in the country (plus, my card has been blocked from not telling the bank I was coming to India so I can’t even rely on Amazon and eBay).

Instead, I’ve accepted that I’ve bought what I’ve bought and it’s done now. There’s nothing else I can do so I don’t have that last minute panic.


No Christmas overload

Whilst the songs, the lights and everything festive is great, the run up to the big day is so long these days that it gets a little repetitive.

It’s hard to appreciate banging Christmas tunes and wearing a Santa hat on the 25th if that has been your life for the past month.

Being in India has separated me from Christmas overload. Besides a Christmas tree in reception and the occasional Christmas song played in the restaurant, I am completely removed from anything festive.

Being in the sun makes me feel like it’s not Christmas at all and whilst that makes me sound like Scrooge, I know I will enjoy Christmas more because of it.

I haven’t been suffocated in Christmas so when I arrive home on Christmas Eve Eve, I know I will enjoy and appreciate the festivies a lot more than if I had been surrounded day in day out for all of December.


Relaxed and stress free

Instead of the usual stress of this time of year, panic buying and being overwhelmed, I am completely chilled out instead.

We have spent the past ten days sunbathing by the pool, walking along the beach, reading good books and only doing what we really want to do.

I feel so calm from this holiday and when you are more relaxed, everything is more positive meaning Christmas will be a positive vibes only situation.

Instead of Christmas being the comedown of a month of stress, it will instead be a happy celebration that I am totally ready for and not at all overwhelmed by.


No social commitments

I love being social, especially getting dressed up extra af for Christmas parties but there’s only so much you can take.

December is full of so many social engagements that it can really burn you out.

It gets to the point when you’re not enjoying your 5th festive night out because you’re exhausted and just fancy a snuggled up night in front of the tv.

But how do you make excuses? Its Christmas after all.

One excuse no one will argue with… you’re going on holiday.

You can’t commit to something if you’re not in the country.

I’ve commited to absolutely zero social events this December and it’s been wonderful not to have the pressure of attending every event and keeping everyone happy.

I’ve been more than happy chilling in my own little introverted bubble watching The Batchelorette in the hotel room with Ash.


Although this is a Grinch-worthy blog post, I honestly do adore Christmas but going on holiday is going to help me enjoy it just that little bit more.

I know not everyone can jump on a plane and head on holiday in December but honestly, it is great for your mental wellbeing this time of year.

I am incredibly lucky to have a job in which I have December off and don’t have to worry about work stress on top of everything else but regardless, this holiday has de-stressed me.

If you’re finding the festive period overwhelming, consider it for future December’s. Think of it as a little Christmas present to you, from you.

I hope you all have the most incredible Christmas!


All opinions are my own and just that: opinions. This blog post is not sponsored or endorsed in any way.


  1. Katey says:

    I also love Christmas, but to be honest, the lead up to Christmas is so long these days that by the time Christmas day rolls around it doesn’t feel like Christmas anymore! I said Christmas so many times in that sentence.
    Goa looks beautiful though, and it’s such a good idea to go away for a break!

    Liked by 1 person

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