I have officially been off work for one month which means I am already halfway through my Winter holidays! How on Earth did that happen? I keep saying that this year has flown by but November was something else, I blinked and suddenly it’s December. I have had an amazing month off work though having some much needed relaxation as well as catching up with family and a spot of travelling.


Three. I returned to the UK so have spent a good amount of time in England with family but I also returned to Cyprus for 9 days to spend some time with Ash during his final days of the season before flying home together. We are also currently in Iceland which is super exciting as it is something we have been waiting for over year for.


Three. Return flight to Cyprus plus our outbound flight to Reykjavik.


So many awesome moments in November!!

Long awaited catch ups with friends and family. We’ve spent time in England with both our families plus I got to catch up with old friends at a wedding and had a delicious burger lunch with my gay best friend.

I finally went on the abandoned tube station tour that I have been wanting to do!

Going back to the theatre after a long time away. The production of 42nd Street was amazing.

Attending the beautiful wedding of my gorgeous friend Helen from The Hels Project. We have been friends for over ten years and it was incredible to see her get married. It was such a lovely day and you can check out more about in her wedding blog post.

Meeting blogging babes Abbey Louisa Rose and Finding Kate at Helen’s wedding which was so lovely.

A night away in Cyprus. We stayed at Sentido Thalassa in Coral Bay which is a lovely, little boutique hotel which we have both repped.

Finally going to Iceland! We have been waiting for this for over a year! Incredible trip exploring the Golden Circle and relaxing in the Blue Lagoon. Blog posts to come!



During our lovely night away in Cyprus, I happened to smash the scale in the hotel bathroom. I have no idea how it happened, I turned to leave the bathroom, lightly kicked it and suddenly it was in a thousand pieces on the bathroom floor. It was super awkward to have to tell them especially since we know them and they didn’t receive any money for our stay.

The following morning, we got all the way home before I realised I left the passports in the safe at the hotel… a rep should really know better.


Ten days away from Ash… I really hate being separated.


I asked Ash if I have achieved anything this month and he said he hasn’t killed me so that’s an achievement… great…


First time hiring a car off my own back. I’ve been driving rental cars since passing my test through work but I’ve never had to go through the process on my own before and this month I’ve done it twice. I was a bit worried about it and was sure something would go wrong but it’s been a doddle. I would highly recommend using Enterprise if you’re thinking about car hire. I used them both times, in Cyprus and in the UK, everything was super straight forward, great customer service, fantastic prices and one of the only companies that let you rent without a credit card. And no, this isn’t sponsored, I just think they’re bloody great.

First time in Iceland!!

First time driving a car in the UK since passing my test. I went straight from passing my test to Tenerife so haven’t driven for even a second in England since getting the red license.

First time getting my nails done. In my 25 years, I have never been anywhere and paid to get my nails done but I did it, I love them and I would highly recommend Nancy Loves Nails if you’re close to the Teesside area.



This month I discovered Vix Meldrew who I think is just brilliant. Her posts are so witty and hilarious with her personality shining through. If you fancy a chuckle, give her 11 sex positions for millenials a read.


Wedding Night by Sophie KinsellaLast month I read my first Sophie Kinsella book and loved it so I picked up another one. I’ve been so busy this month that it has been a slow read and I am still only half way through but  I am really enjoying it. Lottie always makes bad decisions after a break up and the latest is to get married which her sister Fliss tries her hardest to stop. It is a hilarious read!


Last month, I found the beauty of podcasts and this month, the gorgeous Abbey Louisa Rose recommended My Dad Wrote A Porno. I’m a bit behind the times I know but I think it is brilliant. It has become mine and Ash’s travel listening.


I’m A Celebrity is back! So far this year, there hasn’t been much drama for me, I love a bit of drama. I think Toff is brilliant, always sees the bright side, that girl could find a silver lining on a turd.

Girl Boss. I’ve never read the book so didn’t even know what it was about but when I saw it on Netflix, I knew I had to watch it… and then I binge watched the entire season in a day. I loved it! Now I’ve bought the book but something tells me I’m not gonna find the same enjoyment in the book.



Andria – Coral Bay, Cyprus. We went to this steak house during our night away in Cyprus since we decided to treat ourselves on date night. We both ordered a mixed grill which was beautifully presented with incredible meat and both had some delicious cocktails.

The Cow Shed – Middlesbrough, England. Middlesbrough is very up and coming at the moment with a steady stream of new independent businesses popping up. I hadn’t even heard of The Cow Shed when my friend Joe suggested it for a catch up. A small little burger bar with gourmet options (and gluten free is you need that) and tasty cocktails. We both opted for Pizza Guy with pepperoni and mozarella which was delicious and for the Bubble Candy cocktail which was perfectly sweet.


My new camera. I finally got the Olympus Pen E-PL7 after wanting it for far too long and I am loving it. I am really enjoying playing around with it and loving the quality increase in my photos.

Daim Chocolate Orange. Just perfection… I don’t need to say anything else.


Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation. I’ve been wanting to try this foundation for a while but I’m a cheapskate so I was pleased to find both the foundation and concealer in my voxbox sent from Influenster. I’ve only used it a handful of times but so far I think it’s great. Dewy glow without being too shiny and zero cakiness.
Primark Pollution Protect Skincare. I’ve been hoping to get into more of a skincare routine for a while but I’m lazy and never have so I thought I’d go for a budget option in case I didn’t stick with it. I opted for the pollution protect range from Primark as I thought it would be great for me as a traveller plus it has SPF in it and I think it is a really great range.




We are going on holiday to Goa, India for ten days. It will be lovely to get some sun without having to work. Let’s just hope this holiday works out better than Gambia!


This blog post is not sponsored or endorsed in any way. All opinions are my own and just that: opinions. The Bourjois make up sent to me by Influenster was complimentary.


12 thoughts on “NOVEMBER 2017

  1. Abbey says:

    You really have had a packed month! I am ever so envious of your Iceland trip, I have been trying to find a budget-friendly way of getting a short break there with my BF but sadly I haven’t managed to find anything yet so if you have any suggestions for Flights / hotels, please let me know! I’m so glad that you’re enjoying My Dad Wrote A Porno, it always has me in stitches! It was wonderful to meet you at Hels’s wedding too, it really was a fantastic day! Hope to see you again before you’re back off on your travels – I hope Goa is amazing!

    Abbey 💕

    Liked by 1 person

    • Stephanie Dring says:

      Originally it was budget friendly, I got dirt cheap flights with easyjet but then we had to change flights and it ended up… not so cheap! To be honest, it’s food there that takes a lot of your money!!! It was so lovely to meet you too, hope to see you again soon xx


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