When I was ten, I got my first camera. It was a birthday present from my Godmother who was pretty rich and as it was a fancy camera, the film was expensive. On the rare occassion I got a new film, I happily snapped away and waited excitedly for two days whilst my pictures got developed. When they were ready, I would pick them up and proudly take them home to delicately display them in my photo albums. I’ve been proudly displaying my photos since I was ten years old.

Growing up as a teenager, I posed with friends and would infra-red my photos to the machine in Woolworths and print them off for 20p a picture. My entire bedroom walls were a giant collage of my printed photos.

At university, I started my first scrapbook. In third year, I decided I wanted to document my uni experience and have all my photos in one place. Although the pages were floppy because I used the wrong glue and I couldn’t get too crafty because I was a poor student, I found so much love in creating that scrapbook.

I wanted to make a rep life scrapbook since starting the job. Like my uni experience, I wanted my repping experience all in one place so I could flick through from time to time and reminisce. I just never got round to it. I even bought a gorgeous scrapbook from Hobbycraft last Winter but it has just collected dust for the past year. So when Printikigot in touch and offered me some free prints, it was the kick up the arse I needed to do something with that forgotten scrapbook.

Printiki is a quick and easy photo printing website. You can print as standard or have the option for square prints. You can also add borders if you fancy a polaroid style print and even colour to jazz it up a bit. As it’s getting closer to Christmas, you can also take advantage of their gifting products of photobooks, posters and photo walls. The website is incredibly easy to use and you can upload and edit straight from your phone, Facebook or Instagram. They make the whole experience super straight forward.

Instead of doing a rep life scrapbook, I changed my mind and have made it about the adventures of me and Ash. We’ve had an incredible eighteen months and I know once I’m finished, I will be really grateful to have it to look back at over the years.

With the exception of the scrapbook itself and the minature pegs which were from Hobbycraft, the rest of my supplies were bargains from Pound World and Bargain Buys. I was really surprised to find that those stores have an incredible range of crafting supplies and it saved me a fortune! My binders of crafting paper were £3 each from Pound World and have 24 pages in each… a massive saving from the £1.50-£3 a sheet that Hobbycraft sell! Everything else was just a pound. If you’re getting crafty, definitely check out the bargain stores before you splurge.

I sat one evening with I’m A Celebrity in the background creating the first few pages of my scrapbook and I loved it, I have no idea why I don’t make scrapbooks more often. I”m quite a creative person but rarely exercise my creativity so it was great to get back into it and flex my creative muscles. I am so happy with my first few pages and I can’t wait to fill my scrapbook.

Printiki are kindy offering my readers free shipping if you fancy snapping up some prints of your own! Use code CAGEF36F at checkout. You call also follow the Printiki Instagram page for inspiration!


Printiki provided me with 30 free prints in exchange for a mention in this blog post. All content and inspiration is my own. As always, all opinions are my own and just that: opinions. 



  1. Abbey says:

    Scrapbooking is one of my all time favourite hobbies – I actually also have a blog post coming up all about my scrapbook! It really is a lovely way of preserving memories to look back on, I’m sure you’ll flip through these pages with Ash in the future with the biggest smile on your face! I must check out Printiki, what a fantastic service!

    Abbey 💗 http://www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

    Liked by 1 person

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