With limited luggage allowance, books tend not to be a priority when packing for a season abroad. I always manage to cram a few in and this Summer, I brought three along with me. The first Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay was started before my departure and finished shortly after my arrival here in Paphos. The other two Dream A Little Dream by Giovanna Fletcher and Khloe Kardashian’s Strong Looks Better Naked are still sat on my bookshelf with uncracked spines.

Even though I mentioned previously on the blog that one of the things I miss about home is browsing a library, one pro of working in a hotel is that British holidaymakers leave their reading material behind. The con of this is you have no choice in your reading options and have to take what you can get but sometimes you come across a little gem. My first Summer in Mallorca, I had a full shelf of books I scavenged from my hotel whereas the last two years, not so many have caught my eye. A lot of books left behind match a more mature taste and are not to my fancy but there have been a few I’ve snatched off the shelf quickly and I’ve still had a stready flow of reading material.



As a Picoult fan, this book would have eventually been on my list to read but I tend to save her writing for when I have no fresh ideas for reading material. I love her stories for the heartwarming but controversial topics she creates and this is no different with the tale of a new mum leaving her husband and newborn behind in search of her own mother. There is a great mix between relating to the character and connecting to her feelings whilst also wanting to reach straight into the pages of the book and knock some sense into her. There is a real focus on the fact that creating a family is not always the perfect life it is chalked up to be. It is raw, honest and at some points totally heartwrenching.


I totally believe I was born in the wrong era as I LOVE the sixties. This book follows the coming of age story of Evie who falls into the wrong crowd but believes it is all right. If you’ve ever been a teenage girl, you will probably relate to this as I have personally found that friends we make during adolescence don’t always have our best intentions at heart. Now this is an extreme scenario but it highights the crazy thought processes I’m sure we all had as we’re growing up and the things we do just to feel accepted. Teenagers can be easily swayed with the need to fit in and this story identifies the dark side of friendship.

A fluffier story than my previous two reads but I love a bit of chick-lit. This book is totally relatable to millenials and how life is not so perfect but that’s ok. We all (at least at some point) make out aspects of our life are more idealistic than realistic and Kinsella pin points this. It is also a story you can totally connect to if you have ever tried to make your way in London and dealt with the struggle of day-to-day life in the Big Smoke. At the heart of it, it’s a modern day love and friendship story as relationships these days don’t always run smoothly and this book plays on that.


Such an easy read that I have been flying through it. I have this weird thing where I hate long chapters. I could read hours of short chapters but give me a long chapter and it puts me off continuing for another. I think I like having the flexibility of being able to put the book down when I need to and be at the end of a chapter rather than the middle of a page. Anyway, One Perfect Summer follows Alice and how her life moves on even though she doesn’t really move on. Again, it’s one of those books which shows you that moments can be perfect but life is not. It’s kind of an anti-romance story so far but I still have 80 pages left so we’ll see what happens..

So there you have it, the reads I have stolen from hotel shelves across Paphos this Summer. I’ve really enjoyed finding more time for reading recently as towards the start of this season, I didn’t make enough space for it in my life. I still have a few weeks to go and still a few pages waiting to be turned!

What were you reading this Summer? Pop your recommendations in the comments and have a wonderful day!

Steph x


This blog post is not sponsored or endorsed in any way. All opinions are my own and just that: opinions.



  1. Abbey says:

    When I was staying at a hotel in Cape Verde about 4-5 years ago, they had a mini library in a hut by the pool with loads of abandoned books in there, which I absolutely decimated, going through around one a day haha! I just love reading on my hols! The Sophie Kinsella book sounds like something I’d enjoy, can’t turn down a bit of fluffy chick lit! My sister read The Girls lately and she really enjoyed it, so I will probably steal her copy of that at some point!

    Abbey ✨


  2. Susana says:

    Hello, Stephanie. Reading a book is taking a journey. They take you to different places at once. As a bookworm, I totally agree that books are essentials in travelling. I envy your work at the hotel. Haha. You can get free books everyday. Such a luck!

    Liked by 1 person

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