Anyone can be a holiday rep but not everyone is successful. I have encountered many reps over my years who are just basically rubbish at their jobs. The ones who are unorganised, underprepared and pretty much just don’t know what they are doing. I consider myself to be good at my job with my sales and customer feedback reflecting this so in my vanity, I thought I’d write a top tips list on how to basically not be shit at your job.

BE A TEAM: This year is the first year that I’ve encountered a lack of team work. Other team members just generally don’t care but everything runs a lot more smoothly if you all pull your weight.

VOICE YOUR OPINION: Unlike a lot of jobs, things in this industry are not set in stone and are open to negotiation. If you think something would work better another way, say so!

BE ORGANISED: Make sure you have everything you need, don’t turn up to your welcome meetings without having your welcome packs made up.

KNOW YOUR SHIT: Obviously at the beginning, you won’t know everything but the quicker you can pick things up, the easier life will be. If you don’t know something, find out, you’ll know for next time.

BE CALM: There can be a lot of stressful situations you encounter but above all, you need to remain cool, calm and collected.

BE CONFIDENT: This keys in with knowing your shit. If you don’t provide information or answers confidently, then your customers will not trust what you’re saying.

BE HONEST: If we fucked up, apologise. If you think a place or excursion is shit, don’t recommend it. Customers appreciate your honesty.

STAND YOUR GROUND: They say the customer is always right but they’re not. If you don’t stand your ground on certain things, they’ll walk all over you.

KNOW YOUR BROCHURE, KNOW YOUR HOTEL: If you know the ins and out of how everything should be, you can deal with things a lot more efficiently.

STICK TO YOUR PROMISES: If you’ve told a customer you’re going to do something then do it.

BE GOOD TO YOUR SUPPLIERS: Hotels, excursion companies, transfer companies… be good to them and they’ll be good to you.

LISTEN: As much as I’m sick to death of listening to complaints, customers just want to be heard and understood. Sometimes it’s something small and there is no need for a resolution but some people are just happy to vent.

BE APPROACHABLE: This is swings and roundabouts, you’ll end up with more complaints but you’ll also end up with more sales.

USE YOUR INITIATIVE: Do what you think is best, you don’t have to run absolutely everything through a manager.


So, if you ever wanted to be a holiday rep, follow these tips and you’ll boss it whilst enjoying ‘office’ views like the ones featured in this post!

All opinions are my own and just that: opinions. This blog post is not sponsored or endorsed in any way.


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