At school, sports day was a time of year I would always dread. Our classes competed against each other and each member of the class has to participate in at least one activity. The only thing I was willing to do was 100m or 200m but I would never volunteer for them in the hopes that the teacher would forget about assigning me something and I would be off the hook. Obviously, this never happened and because I hadn’t volunteered for the things I wanted to do, I got given the activities I least wanted to do. One sports day, I was signed up for the 800m which I was dreading. My friend who was signed up for the 1600m mysteriously took ill on sports day and they needed a replacement. I was volunteered and the teacher agreed to buy me an ice cream if I completed it… and so, I ran for ice cream. Not much has changed over the years, I’m still not a runner but recently, found myself running for beer… kind of.


Fitness is always something I’ve thought about. I love the idea of it but I’m just not that sort of person. I don’t have the motivation to wake up early for a morning run, I don’t have the willpower to stick to a gym schedule and I don’t have the money for fitness classes. It’s just not meant to be. I try every now and again. Six years ago, I bought running shoes but so far, have worn them roughly ten times over the years. I’ll manage a couple of days of fitness videos before I get bored. It’s just not for me. So how did I end up doing a 4.6k beer run when I don’t exercise? I don’t even like beer!


Recently, I’ve been trying to be healthier food wise but still had to tack of the exercise aspect. When a few Facebook friends liked ‘The first Paphos beer marathon’ it sounded like fun and so I liked it too. It didn’t sound too serious with beer involved so why not give it a go? That was something we instantly regretted as soon as we turned up. Swarms of running clubs and fitness fanatics were everywhere and we shortly realised, this was a more serious event that what we originally anticipated.

In all honesty, we would have turned round and got back in the car if it wasn’t for seeing our managers. Instead, we joined the queue and laughed quietly to ourselves about what we had let ourselves in for. Right up until signing up, we still debating back dooring it but all of a sudden, we had a number tacked to our front. No going back now.

The beer run was a 4.6k run from Paphos town hall to the municipal baths near Paphos harbour. Thankfully, the majority of it was down hill which saved our bacon a little. About half way, there was a beer stop. I’m pleased to say, I managed to jog to that beer stop and am pretty proud as it’s the furthest I have ever done. We skipped the beer and I had to slow down to a power walk for a long time. I’d done well so far but couldn’t continue in that heat with a stitch. I picked up the pace again but couldn’t last long and slowed back down to a walk until the finish line was in sight. Of course, I had to end it in style and jogged the last few hundred metres. We didn’t come last!


Whilst catching our breath, we were served up a non-alcoholic beer which I took a few victory swigs of even though I hate the taste and we were handed our certificates whilst we cooled down.


Not my usual idea of fun but I did actually enjoy it. I am very proud of my achievement even though it doesn’t seem like much, it’s the best I have ever done. It also made me realise just how unfit I am and a few days later, I had my first ever gym session.

This blog post is not sponsored or endorsed in any way. All opinions are my own and just that: opinions.



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