Gone are the days when birthday celebrations would consist of a big night out. I’ve finally had enough over the past seven years and it no longer tickles my fancy. I think I’ve had three ‘nights out’ this year and every single one of them bored me. During each of them, I was dreaming of being home watching Pretty Little Liars and eating ice cream instead. The idea of getting ready to go out makes me want to crawl up in bed and the idea of being hungover makes me feel sick before a drop of booze. These days, I’d be more likely to paint my living room than paint the town red. I’ve even stopped drinking, haven’t touched it since April. It’s safe to say that my 25th birthday was going to be a bit different.

When I was younger, my family always went on camping trips. Tents, caravans, camping barns – you name it, we stayed there! I loved it. Some of the memories I have of our family camping trips are incredible and will stay with me forever. Spending time as a family, connecting with nature and with no technology, there’s nothing like it. I miss those camping trips and when I discovered that Cyprus had a few hidden campsites, I got very excited.


Surprisingly, Ash didn’t take any convincing. He’d never camped before but when I suggested it was what I wanted to do for my birthday, he didn’t take any persuasion. The one problem with camping is that you need a tent and with us being in Cyprus for only a limited time, it wasn’t really going to be worth buying one. I found Polis Chrysochous Camping Site on Booking.com and they provided the tent so I booked it and spent the next few weeks getting excited and buying camping gear. 


For my birthday itself, we were working so the actual day consisted of work, a weird barbecue at a hospital and drinks in a 5* hotel. Camping was booked for the Sunday night with our day off on the Monday and we also took a half day. Trev (the car) did struggle a little on the hills heading to Polis but we made it and managed to find the campsite without a sat nav which was impressive. It cost us 18€ for the night which included tent and mattress hire, an electricity plug and the cost for the car to enter the campsite. For that price, you can’t really knock it.


Stupidly, we thought the tent would be ready for us on arrival but no, we had to put it up ourselves, managing with minimal fuss. I was already in my element! Ash on the other hand, not so impressed. We had a wander round the campsite to get our bearings and a walk along the sea front. I immediately felt peace there. Ash on the other hand, did not. It was becoming clear quite quickly that camping was not gonna be Ash’s cup of tea and I worried I’d made the wrong decision coming here for my birthday. When he spotted a very big and very unusual bug, I thought we were gonna have to call it and head home. It was very hot, we were sweaty and sticky so in a last ditch attempt to recover this camping trip, I suggested we went in the sea to cool down and that was when everything changed.

We bobbed around for a little while, cooling down in the water and Ash calmed a lot.  I knew things were looking up when on our return to the campsite, Ash actually used the on site shower without complaining. After that, he started to enjoy himself.


We had a lovely evening cooking on the barbecue and just chilling. After the worrying start, Ash felt a lot happier about the situation and it turned into the camping trip that I had imagined. We even managed a really decent sleep considering we were sleeping on the ground.


The campsite is really good and I enjoyed my stay there. The little woodland area where you camp directly links to the beach front including a bar where you can sip mojitos and watch the sunset. There’s a really good vibe and atmosphere which made me feel really happy and relaxed. Some of facilities could do with being updated and refurbished but for the price you pay, you can’t complain and you are in the wild after all. It was very different camping in a bikini rather than layering up like you would in the UK and it was a new thing for me to camp outside the UK. I had an absolutely amazing time, reminding me of my love of camping whilst Ash seemed to enjoy himself and said he’d do it again, just not soon. Birthday success!

This blog post is not sponsored or endorsed in any way. All opinions are my own and just that: opinions.



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