Whereas the Bermuda Triangle has a reputation for disappearing ships, Cyprus could easily get a reputation for abandoned ships. There are so many shipwrecks off the Cyprus coast that have become stuck and left abandoned. They’ve become a part of the scenery and somewhat of a lesser known tourist attraction.


Image credit: Sunshine Radio

The first shipwreck I learnt about was Demetrios II and that was during our very first segway tour. About halfway through the tour, the guide pointed into the distance and asked us ‘Do you see that ship moving?’ to which we all replied yes and he informed us we needed our eyes checking. Demetrios II has not moved since 1998 when the ship got caught in coral close to the Paphos coast. With it being illegal to damage coral, the ship had to be moved or the council would face a heavy fine. Everything was tried but they couldn’t move the ship and the Cypriots with there ‘siga, siga’ mentality (slowly, slowly) just decided to give up, leave it and pay the fine. However, with the motion of the ocean  (or the rain from above), the ship was causing further damage to the coral so a solution was needed to stabilise the boat. They decided to fill the ship with concrete and therefore Demetrios II hasn’t moved and I see it chilling in the ocean every day on my drive home from work.


The second shipwreck I heard about was Edro III which is wrecked just past Coral Bay and a lot easier to get to than Demetrios II. During a voyage to Rhodes, bad weather swept Edro III towards the Paphos coastline where it got caught on the rocks and has remained ever since on a 12 degree angle. This week, we ventured on an evening drive to see Edro III and watch the sunset. The ship is practically on the coast itself so you can get a fantastic view and can take some really cool pictures. Being on the West coast, the sun sets just behind the shipwreck too. There is also a cute little restaurant in the area too but it was very busy the day we visited so we ended up heading back to Coral Bay for dinner instead.


I know there’s more shipwrecks around Cyprus, we just need to find them…

All opinions are my own and just that: opinions. Ths blog post is not sponsored or endorsed in any way.


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