As I mentioned in my previous post, my first night in Cyprus I got sick. I was awake half the night, my stomach was in knots, I felt faint and when I woke up, I strongly debated not going on the jeep safari. Not wanting to miss out on the first Cyprus adventure, I powered through, slowly got ready and managed to keep down some breakfast. I was worried that jeeps and illness would not go hand in hand so I made sure I had a travel sickness tablet and it seemed to do the trick. Once I got in the jeep, I felt fine.

Our guide for the day was George Michael, same name, same heritage, similar look but unfortunately, no, the singer had not come back to us. George Michael was incredibly informative though and gave us a great tour.

The jeep headed up into Troodos Mountains, the largest mountain range in Cyprus where we first stopped at a little Cypriot village called Omodos. The traditional feel to it reminded me a lot of Masca in Tenerife. A beautifully cobbled square, traditional Cypriot shops and cute little cafes make up this charming little village. We spent a little time exploring and grabbed a drink before heading back to the jeep. There isn’t an awful lot to see there, we exhausted it in about 10 minutes but it had a lovely feel.

We stopped at Kykoss Monastery which was incredible, I have never seen a room so grand and so gold. Religion is taken very seriously in Cyrpus and something that is strongly celebrated with Greek Orthodox churches being heavily decorated in gold. All of the churches and monasteries are beautiful but Kykkos is something else.


We did a bit of off-roading which I’ve never experienced in a jeep before but I didn’t rate it. It was uncomfortable, I kept banging my shoulder and thought my sickness would come back at any moment. Definitely a case of seen it, done it, not interested.

We also had a stop at Gelefos Bridge which is a beautiful ancient Venician bridge over a little stream. Beautifully picturesque and would’ve been gorgeously peaceful if not for the groups of school children!!


When we reach the highest point of the mountain range, we were surprised to find it covered in snow and even more surprising, a fully functioning ski resort was still running. The snow won’t last long though, it was a bit chilly up there but not exactly cold so it’ll probably vanish for the Summer pretty soon.


By the time I got back on the jeep, I felt ill again. The travel sickness tablet must have worn off and I didn’t think to carry them with me. I was back to feeling sick and exhausted and had to lay on Ash’s lap in the back of the jeep. Lunch time is something I usually look forward to and we pulled up at a great restaurant where they served us some delicious looking dishes but I just couldn’t stomach it. I had a slice of bread, some salad and a bit of halloumi and that was all I could handle. All these gorgeous meats were being passed around the table and I had no desire for any of it, it was really disappointing.

Upon leaving the restaurant, I was so exhausted I felt like I would fall asleep any second. I just couldn’t wait to get back home but we still had some adventure time left.

We headed to a pretty little waterfall which any other time, I would have loved but I felt so exhausted, I just didn’t care. We also stopped at another little church but I barely took notice, I just wanted to get home!!


Our last stop of the day was a sweet shop. I’d been looking forward to it all day but disappointed when we arrived to find it was less sweets and more candied fruit and jams. I sat in sadness listening to the jam demonstration, mourning the loss of my much anticipated sweets but when we got to try the jams, I was pleasantly surprised and ended up buying five. The rose jam in particular was delicious and I’ve been enjoying it on toast ever since. If you’re into jam, pay a visit to Katerina.


It wasn’t the enjoyable first excursion in Cyprus I had hoped for but you can’t help being sick, unfortunately it just came at an incredibly awkward time. Thankfully after a little rest, I felt better later that evening. The Troodos Mountains are beautiful to see, especially exploring the little Cypriot villages and seeing the adorable Venetian bridges. I just wish I had got to sample the gorgeous meze dishes!

All opinions are my own and just that: opinions. This blog post is not sponsored or endorsed in any way.


4 thoughts on “JEEP OR WEEP

  1. thehelsproject says:

    I’m sorry you felt ill, that’s so rubbish, you poor thing 😦 at least you got some yummy jam out of the trip! Well done for going though, your photos are lovely as always 🙂
    Hels xx


  2. Kaj says:

    We were fortunate enough to have the same driver/guide. Very informative, caring and polite, the next time we return we’ll insist on having George as our driver/guide.

    Tua & Kaj


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