After a week of rain in Belfast and it also raining during our night in Dublin, we were hopeful for a day of better weather for our time in Amsterdam. I set my alarm early to do something with my hair, gotta look good for Instagram, and woke to the sound of the wind and rain outside. Gone were my visions of pretty pictures on a bridge, gone were my dreams of cycling by the canals and gone were my hopes of watching the sunset from a rooftop bar. Despite the disappointment, we only had one day and we had to make it count.

First on the agenda was a visit to the Anne Frank House. Honestly, I knew little about her story besides the fact that she hid during the war and wrote a diary about it so it was a real eye opener. The museum is incredily detailed and informative with excerpts from her writing to highlight and give impact. The hiding place itself was very humbling and seeing it in reality really hits you. Anne’s words have touched so many lives and give a raw account of their experience but seeing it for yourself is something else. As sad as their story is, the Anne Frank House is a great visit. It gives you an incredible insight into their experience and really makes you feel grateful for your own life. It’s fantastic that the past and this story has been preserved so well.


By the time we’d finished snooping into Anne’s diary, we were starving and what do you eat in Amsterdam? Pancakes! Easily enough, we found Pancakes Amsterdam right next door and stepped in for breakfast. Both of us went for bacon and cheese pancakes with tea and fruit juice. The pancakes were delicious but very filling and get a bit sickly after a while. I couldn’t finish mine but enjoyed what I did eat plus it was accompanied by a very delicious orange juice.


With it still raining, we went in search of indoor activities to keep us occupied and wound up at The Sex Museum. Now, unlike most museums, The Sex Museum isn’t very informative about things. Yes, you get to see old pornographic photos and old sex toys but that’s about it. Don’t expect to go and learn anything because it’s not that kind of place. It’s basically just a funny and weird way to kill some time. With entrance prices so cheap, you may aswell pay it a visit though.

We then didn’t really have any ideas of what to do so we had a wander round, popping into shops, exploring the streets and wandering by canals. We spent some time in a cheese shop in which I had fun sampling interesting varieties including lavender cheese and coconut cheese but Ash wasn’t too fond of the smell of the shop. We wandered through Dam Square and saw the most beautiful and weirdly shaped buildings. We found the floating flower market but in all honesty, unless you’re a gardener or overly fond of tulips, it’s nothing special.


I wanted to have a wander through the Red Light District just because I was intruiged. The concept is so far away from anything I’ve seen as acceptable so I was interested. It wasn’t the full on experience we would have got if we’d visited on an evening but as it was cold, wet and we were starting to want to head back, it gave an interesting little taster and that’s all I needed. Not much was going on but there were a few girls in windows. The idea of it baffles my brain. It wasn’t the girls that had an effect on me though, it was the groups of men wandering down the street and that was during the day! Imagine it at night, it must horrendous. I imagine it would be very intimidating on an evening with hords of drunken males looking for a show.


We then decided to head back to the hotel even though it was early. The rain wasn’t going anywhere and after six hours of walking round in bad weather, we were soaked through and cold. Hot showers, episodes of Dexter and Dominos were on the cards for the rest of our day. Sure enough, we woke the next day to glorious sunshine but of course, we were heading home.

The weather was a shame as it put a slight dampner on our time in the city and shortened our day. We still got to see and do a lot though, enjoying spending our time together and exploring a new city. Amsterdam is so pretty and aesthetically pleasing however that even with miserable weather, it is still beautiful. We will definitely be back one day to explore and experience more… hopefully with better weather!

Anne Frank House costs 9.50€ per adult with pre-booked tickets available for 9am-3pm entry. I’d highly recommend booking tickets to beat the queues.

The Sex Museum costs 4€ on the door.

This blog post is not sponsored or endorsed in anyway. All opinions are my own and just that: opinions.


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