Usually my blog is reserved for the highlights. The great days out and the wild adventures always get the spotlight and a lengthy story but what about the little moments? What about the day to day? My likes and dislikes, the small moments, what I was up to. These are all probably things which in the grand scheme of things are irrelevant but they contribute to my life. One day it would be nice to look back and see where I’m at during this point in my life. So I bring to you my first monthly round up…

Two, splitting my time between England and Northern Ireland.


Best moments
A week playing house with Ash giving us a little glimpse into how our future could be.
A little cake date with my parents at Songbird Bakery.
Spending time in Scarborough with my Minstrels family.

New restaurants
Springsteens, Carrickfergus. Delicious sweet chilli chicken, a knockout mojito and rose gold tables. What more could you want?
The Chairman, Middlesbrough. One of the lineups on Bedford Street which I’m making my way through. We went for a tapas style selection of some small dishes and went for some banging plates. Salt & pepper chicken, garlic mushrooms, chilli & chorizo prawns and chilli & coriander halloumi. I would highly recommend them all and the service was also spot on.

New cafes
Cupeno, Middlesbrough. If you fancy a break from Costa and Starbucks, Cupeno is a great option. I can’t vouch for the coffee as I’m not a fan but I will say their Cinder Rocky Road was a delight. They also do a range of gluten free sandwiches and cakes.

New bars
The Nuthatch, Middlesbrough. Another of Bedford Street’s babies which I have wanted to try for such a long time. There’s a reason you can never book a table and that’s down to the insane cocktail menu. The options are incredible and taste delicious. I tried Copper Rose and a Chill & Mango Mojito but there’s still a million and one I want to try.

New experiences                                                                                                                          This month has been so chilled and relaxed that the only new experience I had was my first smear test. Maybe TMI but ladies, it’s important to get them done and honestly, absolutely nothing to worry about.

Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee. I was disappointed to find that I couldn’t get into this as much as To Kill A Mockingbird. I felt there wasn’t much content or structure to the storyline.

PGTips Strawberry cupcake green tea. It quickly became a firm favourite.

Dexter. I remember my dad watching it a few years ago and it sounded like an interesting concept but I never got round to it. Ash and I went on a marathon watch of the first four seasons and I love it, I think it’s genius.
Split. An bizarre and interesting idea of the capacity of the human brain.
Fifty Shades Darker. I loved it. I never read the book, I only read the first which I felt lacked structure and depth but the movies have a lot more layers and it’s such a better story.

Kylie Lip Kits. I gave it a bash and was disappointed. Drying and sticky, not worth the money.

Looking forward to
Cyprus. The new season starts soon.
Amsterdam. A nice little couple’s getaway with Ash after our failed holiday in January.

February was the last month of freedom before heading back to work next month. It was very chilled and pretty much uneventful but a lovely little relaxing month.

All opinions are my own and just that: opinions. This blog post is not sponsored or endorsed in any way.


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