A few months ago, I posted that there was a spanner in the works with season 3. Instead of being a Winter season like I thought it would be, it was instead postponed to a Summer season. I’ve known about my Summer destination for over a month now but with all the advent posts, there wasn’t really any room to fit it in.

For Summer, we placed our three options as Sorrento in first place followed by the Algarve and lastly Cyprus. With an Italian background, Sorrento was a dream for Ash and reading the destination brief, it sounded absolutely incredible with so much on offer. We thought we’d be in for a good chance with Sorrento as it’s a small destination in which they’d probably prefer experienced workers so they’re not training an entire team from scratch. Also, most reps choose destinations with a party atmosphere or a larger team for socialising. There were few who had also put it down as an option and no one who had put it first. In our minds, Sorrento was our next Summer destination.

Obviously the application gives you three choices so to not waste them, we gradually narrowed down the rest of the destinations until we eventually landed on the Algarve and Cyprus. I have never been to either destination and that is something I look for when deciding on destinations as I want new soil to plant my feet. Ash did his training in the Algarve earlier in the year and said it was beautiful. Cyprus is known to have a great deal of things to do plus beautiful beaches and waters. So our three options were set.

We thought we had a really good shot with Sorrento and in both of our minds, that was our next destination. If we didn’t get that we’d probably get our second choice of Portugal. I for one thought there was no way of us getting Cyprus as it was our third choice and so many other people put it down as first or second choice. However, we were in for a surprise when December 2nd rolled around and we had been placed in Cyprus.

It was quite honestly a shock to the system as my mind was firmly planted in Italy. I was a little disappointed that we didn’t get our first choice because I’d thought so uch about it but I was still happy to receive one of our options and to be heading to a new location. Now I’m excited for this new chapter and new location.

So Cyprus will be our home for six months of this New Year. I’m excited to explore the new destination and have some new adventures. I also got a driver role so I should have a car again for the Summer. Hopefully this time, I won’t have the nightmare of sharing so we can go on some island road trips on our days off. Get prepared for some Cypriot adventures in future blog posts!

This blog post is not sponsored or endorsed in any way. All opinions are my own and just that: opinions.

Featured image from Google images.


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