With me visiting Ash close to Christmas, Belfast Christmas market was a given. With the beautiful back drop of the city hall lit up and twinkling, the gardens are transformed into a glorious continental Christmas market. It is spectacular to behold with a stunning Christmas vibe and incredible festive vibe but let me tell you, it is the busiest Christmas market I have ever been to.


I am no stranger to a Christmas market. York, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Liverpool I’ve wandered plus the biggest festive extravaganza, Winter Wonderland, I have been to about seven times now. All of these markets vary in size but all are incredible and beautiful but I have never experienced anything like Belfast. Usually, you could through the market stalls (if you wanted to), mulled wine in hand and enjoying the atmosphere, however this atmosphere was the exact opposite. Maybe it was the mistake that we went on a Saturday when everyone is out Christmas shopping or having Christmas nights out but there was barely room to breathe. You couldn’t get near most of the stalls and were constantly bumped into and stuck behind people, it was ridiculous. We did one full circuit of the market, stopping only to buy some macarons and then got sick and left. There was no time or space to appreciate anything the market had to offer.


On a quieter day, I believe the market would be fantastic. It’s incredible to look at so best to go on an evening when all let up and there’s lots on offer. It is incredible continental, especially from a food point of view. A lot of Christmas markets in the UK are German but Belfast also had Italian coffee houses, Dutch pancake stalls, French delicacies, treats from Greece, Be and so much more. It sets the Christmas market apart from a lot of others in the UK. It seems best for it’s food and drink as there is so much on offer and there are so many more stalls than gift stalls. The gift stalls are pretty much the same as anywhere, there didn’t seem to be anything out of the ordinary but for a festive world tour, Belfast Christmas market would be perfect.

It is such a shame that it was so busy as I was really look forward to it and just didn’t really enjoy it. If I got to fully experience and explore it, I believe it to be wonderful so in the future, I’ll definitely return… just maybe on a weekday.

All opinions are my own and just that: opinions.

This blog post is not sponsored or endorsed in any way.


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