Christmas is often the most expensive time of year. You’ll find yourself making a list, checking it twice and possibly worrying about how much the festive season is gonna cost you. I’ve never had the full shabang of Christmas costs as, so far, I have not hosted Christmas, my parents are still providing the meal for me and one of the main expenses, children, I don’t have to provide for. Even without these expenses, I still often feel the pinch of Christmas. I love to give my loved ones incredible gifts and throughout the years have spent an awful lot of money. I’m also a sucker for absolutely anything novelty throwing my money at the stupidest of Christmas things. This year, I’ve found I don’t have that luxury. My next wage won’t be until March and with my savings going straight towards paying off my overdraft, I don’t have many pennies left to throw around, my bank account looks more like a bank of chocolate coins. Useless. The money I do have left, I’m selfishly saving for Thailand in the New Year. They say it’s the thought that counts so why, every year, do I spend so much money? I’ve always been great at saving, I left uni with a great deal of savings instead of incredible debt and although I did get an overdraft when I needed it, I’ve easily paid it off this Summer whilst working. I’ve always been incredibly thrifty and a great bargain hunter so why don’t I apply my usual way of money watching to Christmas? This year I have no choice, if I want to carry on travelling, I need to be more sensible so I’ve had to cut some corners.

Narrow your list

It is the season of giving but in Christmasses past, I’ve found myself buying for EVERYONE. Every Tom, Dick, Harry, uncle’s friend’s cousin twice removed and the neighbour three doors down’s dog. Anyone I considered even remotely close friend or family wise, I’d buy for. But why? It doesn’t change my relationship with them if I don’t purchase for them and more often than not, I never cross their mind when gift giving so why do they mine? This year it’s sticking to immediate family only.

Shopping around

Yes, that is an amazing gift idea but that price tag? Not so much. In my bargain hunting days, I’ve often found something a third of the price in a discount retailer or for pennies online. Make notes of what you see and carry on shopping, if you don’t find it or something similar elsewhere, you can always go back. Plus, the internet is great for price comparison.


The most thoughtful gifts are one’s you’ve made yourself as putting your time, love and effort into a gift is a lot more special than just putting your money into it. Some of the most beautiful and most thoughtful gifts are homemade, plus you’re providing the recipient with something unique. If you love all those Christmas markets, guess what? All the products are homemade so why not give it a try yourself.

Don’t overspend

It’s human nature than when you love someone, you want to show your appreciation to them and when it comes to gift giving, this leaves to a tendency to overspending. One really well thought gift will be much better received than twenty beauty sets or candles as nice as they are too. Your loved ones don’t need tons of gifts, a little thought goes a long way.

No treating yourself

There is so much on offer this time of year and I know I’m not the only one who treats myself. However, I don’t need these things and I’ll be receiving plenty of presents soon enough so why waste money on myself?

Steer clear of novelty items

Ok so the odd one is fine as long as it’s going to go to some sort of use but no buying for the sake of it because it’s cute and festive then struggling to find a use for it or it being put back in the Christmas box year on year waiting for a use.


All opinions are my own and just that: opinions.

This blog post was not sponsored or endorsed in any way.



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