Happy December! The most wonderful time of the year is upon us and in just 24 sleeps time, the big fella himself will be sliding down our chimneys. For me, the festive season is as much about the build up as the big day itself. The run up to Christmas is just as exciting and the 25th day. In honour of the festive season and advent starting, I decided to do a blog advent. That means every day in the run up to Christmas, I am committing to posting a blog post. Now, I’m going to keep this as travel related as possible but also tying in with Christmas so every other day will relate to Christmassy things to do in certain destinations, so expect that on even days. On the odd days, it will be something completely different. Christmas recipes, crafts and anything else that I fancy just to mix it up a little bit so today starts with the Christmas advent calendar.

An advent calendar is nothing out of the ordinary, since you were little you probably had daily chocolate goodies hiding behind different doors. A long time ago in the past, advent calendars didn’t even have chocolate in them, behind each door was just a picture or a word of wisdom. Advent calendars have also started to venture away from chocolates now with the launch of beauty advent calendars a few years ago from Benefit and Boots, now every beauty company has their own. This has ventured our year by year to include Lego, Playmobil and beer. This year however, has seen a significant rise in other non-chocolate advent calendars and I’ve even seen pork scratchings, gin, candles and Hot Wheels. Advent calendars these days are massively varied and unconventional so I decided to make a DIY unconventional advent calendar for my boyfriend.

As we’re in a long distance relationship at the moment, every little piece of love counts and everything is sentimental. For this reason, I decided to make his advent calendar as a daily note with one of the reasons why I love him. Soppy I know but I’m a girl in love.

You can make this advent calendar in a variety of different ways, decorate differently and of course, decide on your own notes but for my own I used:

24x red and green note cards

24x red and green envelopes

Christmas embellishments (trees and reindeer)

Brown paper tags

Mod Podge

A glue stick

A pen and a Sharpie

All you need to do is right a cute little note on each other the note cards and then decorate the front of the card however you want. I used tree and reindeer embellishments sticking them on with Mod Podge. I then wrote an individual number on each other the brown paper tags and stuck these onto the envelopes with a glue stick. There you have it. Simple, basic but very thoughtful and sentimental. A nice little change to the traditional advent calendar.

All opinions are my own and just that: opinions.

This blog post was not sponsored or endorsed in any way.

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