I’m very privileged in my line of work to be able to have a lot of cool experiences. One of those experiences being that I have now seen whales and dolphins in the wild quite a few times. Every time, this has been on a catamaran trip. Packed on a boat like sardines, squeezing between people and peering above heads to catch the slightest glimpse of a fin or two. Each time, I’ve had a great experience but when it was suggested to me that we went on a speed boat with maximum 10 people and could touch the dolphins if they came close enough, well that seemed too good an opportunity to miss.

First of all, little disclaimer, when we actually got there, we were told we weren’t actually allowed to touch the dolphins but they never came close enough to the boat to do so anyway. After a journey up to Los Gigantes, we hopped onto a little yellow speedboat named Ocean Explorer and went in search of dolphins and whales. With only ten people on board, it was very personalised and in no way cramped, giving you a better view. As we sped out away from the shore, the driver kept hold of his binoculars until he spotted some fins in the distance. Sure enough, soon after we saw several dolphins swimming by us and we got a fantastic view of them as we were so low down and close to the ocean. We were even lucky enough to see one jump out of the water and one swim right underneath the boat which provided a better experience that just the fins I’ve seen in the past. Unfortunately, whilst we were paused watching them, the boat rocking back and forth started to make me feel a little seasick, something which isn’t usually an issue for me. The second sighting of some pilot whales, I decided to lay off my snap happy nature and just relax so I didn’t start feeling too ill. It’s amazing to see dolphins and whales in the wild, enjoying life and being free. Plus, at the bargain price of 15€ for an hour and a half, a great view and low capacity boat, you can’t really complain.



Once we hopped off the boat, we had a quick drink before heading to Playa San Juan, an area we haven’t encountered before. After what seemed like endless wanderings around the little village, we finally decided on a place to stop for a spot of lunch before heading down to the beach. We swam for a while, enjoying the late afternoon sun before packing up and heading back home. Playa San Juan isn’t exactly something to write home about, a nice enough beach with little fishing boats out to sea, nothing massively of interest or uniqueness. Nothing particularly special but it was a nice way to spend an afternoon and also another place ticked off the island map.

All opinions are my own and just that: opinions.

This blog post is not sponsored or endorsed in any way.



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