When you pack up to leave home to work overseas, there are the obvious you know you’ll miss. You won’t see your family for months on end which leaves a slight emptiness within you, you won’t get to hang out with your best friends for a long time, your pets aren’t around to snuggle up to, your familiar surroundings are gone and your home comforts are busy comforting themselves hundreds and thousands of miles away. There’s always the obvious things that everyone misses and you know you’ll miss without a doubt. However, the longer you live and work abroad, the more you’ll realise you miss incredibly random things about being back at home. This is that list.


Something we completely take for granted back in the UK but when you think about it, isn’t it so simple to twist a tap and take a nice glass drink of refreshing council pop? Well, you don’t really think about it until you live overseas, tap water is off limits due to the mineral content and any time you need water, you have to pop to shop and fork over your pennies. You constantly have to think about whether you’ve got any bottles in the fridge or you’ll be waking up in the middle of the night, desperate for some water and realising you’ve ran out which can be nothing short of a nightmare… Especially after a night on the drink.


Brits know rain all to well. It’s like the annoying cousin who is always coming to visit and you can’t wait to get rid of. However, living on an island that said cousin only visits approximately 28 days of the year, you start to miss it. It is so hot and humid that the slightest cloud in the sky, you pray that the Heaven’s will open and clear the air. Yet it rarely comes to give you relief.


Carpets, don’t know why, might be the comfort of it that is missing, might be that you can hear every single movement from upstairs, could be absolutely anything but carpet is a rare thing overseas that you’d happily replace the tile flooring with. I think a place always feel more homely with a carpet. Duvet wise, definitely a comfort factor, it might be incredibly hot but you still want to feel comfy, cosy and protected from monsters.


All weird overseas. Just aren’t right. I tried to make scrambled egg once in Mallorca, it was the most disgusting thing I have ever tasted. We tried making cups of tea a few weeks back which resulted in a foul smell and floating white bits (that milk might have actually been off but all milk I’ve tried so far is wrong). What is with those yoghurt that are part jelly, part water?!? They should only be given out in prison! Cheese is probably the only thing that is right. Thank God for Iceland here in Tenerife where you can stock up on Cravendale, Red Leicester cheese and good old British eggs.


Speaking of Iceland, you never realise that the likes of sausage rolls and Scotch eggs are a British thing but pop along across the sea and you will not find them in your local supermarket… Or anywhere for that matter. All hail Iceland!


The bane of my life back in the UK but the transport links overseas are worse. Not as frequent, less connections, less destinations, less modes of transport, only easy to get to anywhere beside the main points of the island by car.


You don’t realise how far behind the times you are. Unless you’re a top music buff listening to UK Top 40 constantly and new, upcoming artists, the music you’re hearing on the radio or whilst out and about has long since past it’s hype. I first realised this last Summer in Mallorca when my brother was talking to me about music and artists. I hadn’t heard any of the songs and didn’t have a clue who any artist was. This was confirmed last week when we were in a pub playing a British music channel and all but one song was unrecognisable.


British fashion is incredible and you realise fashion is not something that is necesarilly followed as closely throughout the rest of the world. Shopping in Mallorca was appalling resulting in me not buying a single item in the five and a half months I was there, unheard of for me. Tenerife is a lot better but it still doesn’t live up to the standards or home. A trip up to visit Primark in the North or an item once in a blue moon in H&M but that’s the extent of this shopping lovers splurges these days.


Obviously, you’re in a different country. Obviously, there’s a different language. Obviously, it’s their native language and it’s polite to at least attempt to communicate in it. However, some days it would just be nice to have the ease of communicating without a language barrier. Some situations and conversations are so difficult to get through and you kick yourself for not having the fluency of the language.


I do realise how incredibly lucky I am to have this life and these opportunities. I am so incredibly grateful to be able to live and work in incredible destinations. However, home is where the heart is and there will always be a lot of things you miss, no matter how ridiculous they are.

All opinions are my own and just that: opinions.

This blog post was not sponsored or endorsed in any way.


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