In the UK, I do a lot of walking, mainly due to my two little terrors but also, I enjoy it. It might surprise people as Middlesbrough is known as an industrial town but it is a really beautiful place to explore with a lot of nature. Parks, woods, forests, hills, we’ve got loads of it and as much as I love laying on the sofa with a bag of Kettle Chips, I also love taking my dogs for a stroll and going for a walk with my family.

Here in Tenerife, there isn’t a lot of that. Due to the volcanoes, green nature is very limited and there are few parks and trails are sparse. When some of the continental reps told us about a hike to a waterfall, I was all in. Barranco del Infierno is located just above Adeje town and is a popular hiking trail which leads you to the highest waterfall in Tenerife. Only 300 people are allowed to walk the trail per day in order to preserve the nature so it is recommended that you book in advance, however I booked at 8:30am for the 11am entrance and there was plenty of space.

Firstly, if you’re driving to it, do not drive right to the entrance. It is an absolute bitch of a hill with no parking or place to turn around at the top and we almost got stuck. Thankfully, I wasn’t the one driving otherwise we probably would’ve rolled back down the hill but we survived, we parked and we had a mini starter hike just to walk from the car to the box office. There we signed a waiver, we given a safety demonstration and donned fetching helmets before we were let loose on the trail.


The trail is one way so once you make it to the waterfall, it’s a dead end and you need to retrace your steps back to the beginning. The walk there was a lot more hard work than the journey back as it was mainly uphill on the first leg of the journey but we powered through with a few cocktail sausage and water breaks along the way. The gorge was incredible to look up at as you were walking through, incredibly steep hills with spectacular drops. The view over Adeje town at the beginning of the trail was amazing too. All the coloured houses looking like a Canarian Balamory (I’ve got the stupid Balamory theme tune in my head now). The trail has a low-medium rating but in terms of difficulty, it wasn’t hard, however, in terms of fitness, it would have been less exhausting if I get off my arse and exercise a bit more. However, we made it to the waterfall which to be honest, wasn’t as impressive as I was expecting but it was still nice to see. I have this weird obsession with water – waterfalls, fountains, the ocean – I love it, true mermaid right here, so it was nice just to sit there and listen to it, very calming and relaxing. Then once, we got our breath back, we made our way back. It took us roughly two hours from start to finish which would vary depending on your pace.


The next day I was told that the Barranco had been closed for a number of years due to several serious and fatal accidents around about 2009. Having googled what Barranco deal Infierno means in English, I found it means hell’s gorge which I guess would be an appropriFrom my experience, the trail wasn’t dangerous in the slightest so they have either done a massive refurb with safety measures or people have been irresponsible throughout the trail. The waterfall isn’t overly impressive but it’s nice to see and the trail gets you out and about and moving for a little while.

All opinions are my own and just that: opinions.

This blog post was not sponsored or endorsed in any way.


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