The sole purpose of our mission to Santa Cruz was for Primark and KFC. Living abroad and being distant from some of your most loved home comforts gets you incredibly excited for indulging in them. I for one love to shop and in 100% honesty, Primark is my favourite. It will always be my go to budget fashion store, I just love it. Then, in regards to KFC, that chicken is just life, isn’t it?

I’ve been to Santa Cruz twice before. Last October, I was thrown onto a half day Santa Cruz excursion during my training which gave me the grand total of three hours to explore a capital city. After five and a half months in Mallorca which could arguably have the worlds worst shopping, I only had one goal in mind… To spend. Unfortunately, there was not much that day which took my fancy that day. So I went home with a bag of sweets and feeling the failure of wasting my day. I was even more wounded when I discovered a few days later the existence of a Primark there.

The second time was a little bit of a whirlwind stop. We popped into Primark on the way back from Santa Cruz and I was in heaven but I’d already eaten that day so didn’t get to treat myself to a KFC.

All I have ever really done in Santa Cruz is shop which is a bit of shame being the explorer that I am. Even though shopping and eating was the idea for this visit, we still thankfully did a little exploring.


We hopped on the 110 bus at Costa Adeje bus station which took us exactly 1 hour direct to Santa Cruz. I’d highly recommend a Bono card which acts like a top up card that gives you discount. We bought 15€ cards and it cost 6.25€ each way. Without the Bono card it costs more than 9€ so definitely worth the saving.

Of course, we got off the bus at C.C. Meridiano and headed straight to Primark to waste our money. We spent a good hour in there but I was disappointed by the clothes in there. I didn’t leave empty handed however, cashing up a couple of pairs of sandals and some ultra cool (and appropriate) “siesta” pillows. After a bit more shopping, treating myself to two new bikinis, a tasty KFC, we went exploring.


We headed towards the harbour to investigate the big, white landmark which bears a slight resemblance to the Sydney Opera House. Auditoria de Tenerife is the most iconic part of the city and also regarded as the finest modern architecture across all of the Canary Islands. The auditorium hosts a great deal of concerts and orchestras with facilities designed to accommodate conferences and conventions. We had a wander round taking in the glory of the building and also, it’s magnificent backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean. As we walked closer to the coast and peaked over the edge, we were treated to a nice little surprise…


All along the coast, the rocks were decorated with paintings of famous music artists. Adele, Brahms, Britney Spears, Lionel Richie, Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson and my beloved Freddie among others are all painted on the rocks. The rocks protect the auditorium and the coastline from the Atlantic Ocean and they were transformed a few years ago by a Bulgarian artist named Stoyko Gagamov who turned the dull shapes into a quirky outdoor gallery. We had fun walking up and down, taking note of which musicians were documented. It was an unusual and interesting discovery that we did not expect to find.

In contrast to the modernity of the auditorium, sitting right by it’s side as a neighbour is a blast from the past in the shape of Castillo de San Juan Bautista. A black fort sitting right on the edge of the ocean which in it’s day was the second most important fort in defense of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The fort is still in it’s original state and usually left unattended except once a year during a reenactment of the Battle of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Unexpected neighbours who make for an extraordinary ocean front view.


After that, it was time to jump on the bus back home. Even though we only did minor exploring, I’m so happy I got to see a little more of the capital of the island I currently call home. I’m sure further exploration will take place throughout the season but for now my heart is happy with a bit of old, a bit of new and a quirky little secret.

All opinions are my own and just that: opinions.

This blog post was not sponsored or endorsed in any way.

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