I give up promising to keep this blog on schedule as so far, I have not stuck to my word. In my defence, life is so busy that I don’t get much time for myself.

Two months has absolutely flown by. It doesn’t seem like 5 minutes since I was boarding the plane. Last year, although I was loving the experience and once I arrived back in the UK, it did feel like it had gone really quickly, sometimes it did feel like it was dragging a little and I missed home a fair bit. I do think that was partly to do with unfinished business back at home though as I’m not one to get homesick. This time round however, I am free bird and have nothing keeping me connected and pulling me back to England. It’s a weird situation because yes, of course I miss home and I would love to see my friends and family everyday, but I am having such an incredible time that I don’t feel the need to jump on a plane or ache to be back with them. I’ve created my own little family here who I feel I’ve known a lifetime. They keep me grounded, provide me with laughter, have my back and we have some unbelievable times together.

Rep life is insane. This is the rep life which every talks about but I didn’t get to experience first time round. Back in Mallorca in our little 6 man team with zero places to go out and socialise, it was a very tame experience. This time round it is wild. Arguments, bust-ups, sleeping around, experimentation, crazy nights, smashed windows – this team has had the whole shabang going on. Obviously nights out are the most eventful, the majority of nights there is some drama and the majority of mornings there is some gossip. We nearly managed a week with no kick-offs, no surprises, just good times… And it was weird!

But it’s not all fun and games. It’s also a lot of hard work. I am exhausted all the time. Balancing a full time work schedule with a constant social life can get difficult. I know, I know, my life is the worst, I’m lucky enough to be in a job which provides me with incredible opportunities, living on a beautiful, sunny island, having amazing times with great friends, I shouldn’t be complaining. But sometimes, I just want to sleep! After a long day at work, sometimes I just wanna face plant my bed but often feel I have this obligation to be the life of the party and socialise. It’s a tricky balancing act where I just keep saying to myself: I love my life, I’m having an amazing time and I can sleep when I’m dead.


I am in love with my hotel, I’m so happy I got placed here. Obviously I was disappointed at first that I didn’t get placed in the dual rep unit like I was last season and loved but to be honest, reflecting on it now, I think I’m happier here than I would be over there. As much as I love the dual reps, I think working with either of them would drive me insane and have me ripping my hair out. I’m doing well on my own anyway, making lots of money and receiving great feedback. My manager informed me last week that she was a little concerned over putting me in this hotel which is one of the biggest units as when I was here in the autumn, I was very quiet and there didn’t seem to be anything in particular that stood out about me. However, she is now incredibly happy she placed me here having seen the work I’ve done, she is very proud of how well I’m doing which is great to hear. It was interesting to find out as I don’t even really think about it to be honest, I just get on with it and have a very relaxed, stress-free approach to the role which seems to work for me, I’m getting the results and my manager is happy so I must be doing something right.


On car related terms, I have one back. I’ve been given a little side hotel in Costa Adeje which involves me driving to and from during the day so after five weeks of not driving, I was added onto the car insurance. I was absolutely shitting myself to get behind the wheel after the last experience I had but have been pleasantly surprised. This car is so much easier to drive and I feel so much more comfortable in it than the previous one. I do still get a little nervous but I don’t freak out or have jelly legs when I get out. Once I’m on the road I’m fine, my issue as the moment is getting out of the hotel car park which is on a hill and for some reason, I really struggle. It doesn’t help that the guy who runs the car park knows I struggle so watches me every day which puts pressure on me and makes me feel embarrassed. I’ll get past it though.

So in a nutshell, the first two months have been incredible. I love my hotel, I love my roommates, I love my friends, I love the experiences I’m having and all in all, at the moment I am completely in love with my life. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

All opinions are my own and just that: opinions.


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