It’s surprising what you find out on taxi journeys to your night out. We have befriended a taxi driver who picks us up when we call him, gives us information about local events and tips about places to go. The night we met him was a standard Saturday night heading to Veronica’s when we piled in his taxi and got chatting. He mentioned that the following day there was a colour festival up in Adeje village. So even in our hungover state, the following day, we headed into the village to socialise with the locals.


Holi is a Hindu festival held in Spring, originally in India but now celebrated worldwide. Holi is a two day event which begins with religious ceremonies and on the second day, explodes into a huge colour festival. This would be the day we were attending.

We pulled up to Plaza De Fanabe and the atmosphere was electric. A combination of both Hindu and popular music blasting from the speakers, people dancing and running around amongst a bright rainbow of colours. The second we stepped foot into the festival, random strangers grabbed our faces and smeared colour on our cheeks welcoming us to Holi. The colour increased with people sharing their colours and us buying a few packs of our own, no one was a stranger here, everyone was so happy and loving life. The worst part of it was the water fights which is another big part of Holi. In peak Summer, this would be no issue however, I feel the cold really easily and will the day slightly overcast, I froze every time water was thrown on me.

The festival was not big but it was perfect. Everyone was happy and full of life, free entry, beer was cheap, a variety of food, great music and watching was a spectacle. When we have a job dealing with the tourism side of the island, it was so great to immerse with the locals in a day celebrating their culture.



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