According to TripAdvisor, Siam Park is the number 1 water park in the world. As part of my job, I have to sell tickets to this place so I could easily just type out the spiel I use for it in my welcome meetings and you would be sold on it. However, thanks to my job, I have a free annual pass which means I spend a lot of time there and can give you my own personal take on the park rather than giving you a sales presentation.

I love a good water park and had tried out many across Salou, Mallorca and Orlando. In 2014, when I visited Walt Disney World, I fell head over heels for Typhoon Lagoon. I had the most amazing time there having so much fun and the water park left a mark on me… Both metaphorically, on my heart because I love it and literally, been I ripped my knee opened in the wave pool and still have the scar. I was so obsessed that I thought nowhere could compare but I’ve also lost my heart to Siam Park.

So far, I’ve enjoyed three days at Siam Park over October, November and April with the hopes of ridiculously increasing my list throughout the season. I’ve had two adrenaline filled days testing out the rides and slides with the exception of The Tower Of Power because I’m a pussy and the tobogan racing because I had a bad experience previously at Blizzard Beach twisting my back. My absolute favourite is Singha which is a roller coaster style slide which shoots you up and back down. It’s no surprise I love that one really since my previous favourite slide was Crush ‘N’ Gusher at Blizzard Beach which is almost identical. To be honest with you though, I love every slide, having so much fun on every single one. I enjoy that most of them are 2-4 people as it’s always better enjoying it with your mates.


I’m a lover of a wave pool. I have no idea what it is about them but it was the wave pool at Typoon Lagoon that made me fall in love with the park. Even my little accident hasn’t swayed me, I just find them thrilling. Apparently the Wave Palace at Siam Park is the world’s biggest artificial wave. Maybe love has blinded me but I feel like Typhoon Lagoon had bigger waves. I still love the wave pool at Siam however, despite this and they even offer surfing outside of park hours.


As well as the adrenaline of the park, it is also perfect for relaxation. Tenerife is a volcanic island which means the majority of the beaches are black sand and not all that pretty. Siam Park has it’s own man-made beach, perfect for chilling out and sunbathing. It also has the most amazing lazy river! As much as I love the thrill of water parks, I always love a good cruise around the lazy river and Siam’s is the longest in the world but it is SO. MUCH. MORE! There’s a waterfall, Rapids, you travel through an aquarium underneath The Tower Of Power it is just THE. BEST lazy river!


It is also perfect for all the family as in addition to the wilder rides, the wave pool, beach and lazy river there are several splash parks and slides for the youngsters to enjoy. Siam Park is just spot on. Even the food is amazing. I’ve only eaten from the beach bar at Wave Palace but the pizza is absolutely banging, as is the chocolate cake. I’m also a massive child who is a sucker for a slushie and they have incredible, unique flavours at Siam. Usually, slushie options are blue raspberry, strawberry and occasionally another flavour. Siam have bubblegum, mango, forest fruits, the list is endless, amazing and delicious!

So, if you haven’t guessed, I love Siam Park, I would highly recommend it if you are ever in Tenerife, it is more than worth the money and an amazing day out! I’m sure by the end of the season, I will have spent so much time there that I will be ready to move in!

All opinions are my own and just that: opinions.

This blog post was not sponsored or endorsed in any way.

As mentioned, I get free entry courtesy of Siam Park and my company’s association with them.ย 

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