On my second trip to America, there was the worry that, like my last trip, the dinosaurs would attack. I was assured by everyone that the dinosaurs were extinct and I was perfectly safe. Whilst believing in safety and enjoying my trip, they attacked again. I ran looking for a place to hide, coming across an Asda and an abandoned building. The logical place to hide I felt was the abandoned building due to the fact a supermarket has food and the dinosaurs would be more attracted. I was wrong and a dinosaur crashed into the building and pulled part of the back of head off. After playing with my hair, he decided the didn’t like my head, put it back in place and left. I spent the rest of my time in America wandering with a piece of head and brain in my hand, looking for someone to stitch it back. My only hope was a neurosurgeon due to the brain element and every hospital I encountered did not have one in residence. Then I woke up.

It was such a vivid and bizarre dream that I thought about it all day. Coincidentally, two different Facebook friends posted that they were at Teesaurus Park and I took it as a sign that I just had to go and explore.


Along the River Tees in the middle of an industrial estate in the arse end of Middlesbrough live the dinosaurs of Teesaurus Park. The Teesaurus, a triceratops built in 1979, was the first inhabitant of the site. Eight years later, his loneliness was over after being joined by other skeletal creatures built by workers on the government Youth and Employment Training Scheme. Living on the site of the old steelworks, the reasons behind the dinosaurs creation has never been released. We can only assume these metal sculptures are to mark a place in time. In 2012, the park was under threat from Middlesbrough Council as they felt it was a ‘non-strategic asset’ but although the park is still neglected with graffiti and litter present, thankfully, they survived extinction.

Teesaurus Park is probably one of the randomest places I have ever been too. It lies in the middle of nowhere in a busy industrial estate, it lives along the riverbank with a view of worksites, it is merely a five minute walk to explore the entire site. It is just so randomly quirky but at the same time incredibly cool. It is sort of a hidden gem in Teesside as due to it’s location, a lot of the residents don’t even know it exists. It has been around for my entire lifetime yet I only discovered it existed a month or so back. Not enough for a family day out but definitely worth checking out if you’re in the Teesside area.



Have you ever visited Teesaurus Park? Do you know any other quirky parks in the UK similar to this one?

*All opinions are my own and just that: opinions.

** This blog post is not sponsored or endorsed in any way.


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